Traktor to Rekordbox - workflow query

Hoping to use Lexicon to take over all data inc beatgrids, cue points etc from Traktor to Rekordbox to have Traktor as the prime source for adjustments. My main workflow query is around what to do in Rekordbox. Do I need to import the tracks there first to get waveforms etc, then let Lexicon overwrite corrected beatgrids, cuepoints etc from Traktor?

Eg. Do tracks need to be in Rekordbox collection first for succesful migration of playlists?

Haven’t found anything solid on this in the documentation, please advise.

No, you can just sync to Rekordbox once and all your tracks and playlists will be there. Then you can analyze them with only Phrase enabled which will give you the waveform data but it keeps the beatgrid from Lexicon.

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Thanks, appreciate your quick response