Transfer From Streaming To Local - Bug/issue

Hi there
I just used this utility Transfer From Streaming To Local using Rekordbox integrated with beatport, and faced the following issues:

  1. All of the purchased tracks, hot cues have been placed with some shifting. I think Lexicon software shifting hot cues because of different encoding, which it shouldn’t.
  2. the tracks info not updated in rekordbox library:
    a. file size
    b. Bitrate

Need your support
Thanks and regards

Yes this shifting problem is the one thing that is not yet entirely solved in this new tool. I’ve noticed different shifts for Beatport files so I’ve been unable to 100% determine which shifts should be applied.

Can you check how much your cues are shifted from what they should be? You can set 2 cues and tell the difference in milliseconds by enabling the Millisecond music player option in the Lexicon settings.

You can force Lexicon to reload filesize and bitrate by right clicking the tracks → Reload Tags and select any of the fields. File size and bitrate will always be reloaded then.

Regarding the shifting. I checked some of the files shifted about 15 ms and some 50 ms.
I believe for beatport the tracks streamed from 256k AAC should not be shifted.

Are there any way to do below process?

  1. find streamed track in local file (supported in Lexicon)
  2. manually reallocate streamed track to local file (not all file Lexicon can automate the reallocation)
  3. analyze tracks with (quantize and mark beatgrids)
  4. shift cue points to nearest beatgrid (after analyzing)

It’s not possible yet to manually relocate a streaming track to local file. I’ll look into adding that, it’s more work but it might be good to have.

The rest is all possible.
#3 just right click tracks and analyze.
#4 right click tracks → Edit → Recipes → Quantize cues