Transferring Cue Points & Loops

Hi everyone, I’m fairly new to Rekordbox and DJing but im trying my best so far.
I started organizing my music in a folder structure on my Mac - with every folder being one Genre.
I regularly import the folder onto rekordbox and press “skip duplicates” so that the playlists stay up to date. Now the problem:

With that being said I of course sometimes have one track in several folders on my Mac because they often fit in several Genres/Moods.

Question 1) Does rekordbox identify those duplicates even when I import them onto different playlists?
2) I realized that my cue points and loops are always only saved on one file in one playlist even though I have it in multiple playlists. Is there a way to transfer my cue points / loops? I hope I can automate this. Still not sure about the automatic Cue point function as I also have lots of loops…
3) How do you recommend sorting before I import to rekordbox - considering that I like creating folders per Genre?

You can use the Find Duplicates utility to copy tags/cues to your other duplicates. Read the Tag & cue copying part in the manual.

If you want to sort your files on your hard drive easily, I would recommend using the Watch and Target folder, see Guide: Moving and renaming files automatically | Lexicon - DJ Library Management