Transferring Cue Points to Platinum Notes Audio Files

Hi Everyone, So i recently ran a chunk of my music library through Platinum Notes(a software to help make all my files the same volume and improve audio quality). After the conversion from MP3 to Apple Lossless(ALAC), i am having difficulty transferring my cue point and grid information from rekordbox to the new files. The original files are still intact and have extensions of .MP3 but the new files have a .M4A extension with the same file names. Is there a workaround for this using Lexicon (transferring all cue point and grid info to the new files )… Thanx for your help in advance

You can use the Find Lost Tracks utility, put it on Manual Mode, select All Tracks and then choose M4A as the file extension.

Then just put in the same values on each side, so nothing in the locations will change but Lexicon will change the extension:

When you confirm that, it should change the extensions where Lexicon looks for the tracks.

ok great,will give it a try then, thanks soo much for your help

So i Tried the suggestion above but i kept receiving an error message : Sqlite Error (track relocation failed). I have attached a screenshot of the error message for you to take a look at. Any help will be much appreciated.

Thanks. This error should not happen of course!
Can you upload your database? From the Help menu, it’s really easy.

And can you show me a screenshot of the Find Lost Files popup right before you click the button? So I can see what you filled in

Ok Great… sending you a screenshot now. Sorry for the late reply

FYI… I was able to upload my database to the cloud and it was super straightforward and quite fast actually

Can you use the “Upload logs/database” button from the Help menu? That will send the database and log file to me :slight_smile:

Ok upload Successfully done

Thanks. I found the problem and it will be fixed in the next version.
Meanwhile, if you delete these 2 files from Lexicon then you should not get the error anymore:

/Volumes/Macintosh HD/Users/zigla/DJ MUSIC/Juicy.wav
/Volumes/Macintosh HD/Users/zigla/DJ MUSIC/Loops and Samples/Shaker Maracash Loop.wav

It worked like a Charm… Thank you soo much. This software is really interesting and fills in on all the issues most dj software are struggling with or ignoring.
I will be testing out it’s beatgridding feature to see how accurate it can output results into the Dj softwares.

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Great! Let us know how everything goes :slight_smile:

what would be your recommended workflow for getting the most accurate beatgrids.
A: Import new tracks into a specific DJ software(e.g Virtual DJ or Traktor which seem to have the most accurate detection algorithms?) and then import DJ software analyzed files into LXC

B. Import tracks into LXC, analyze and set beatgrids and then export them into preferred DJ software.

FYI: currently my preferred DJ software of choice for my gigs will be SERATO and ENGINE DJ since the hardware i am using supports and maximizes both

I would use the Watch Folder and/or the Incoming tracks page (watched tracks go to the Incoming page, or drag them on the incoming page). So the Incoming page becomes your “track todo” list. That really helps to start your workflow.

Then if you want VDJ or Traktor grids, I would sync the library (maybe make a smartlist to automatically find unanalyzed tracks - use the Beatgrid markers equals 0 rule) to VDJ/Traktor and analyze there. Then import back to Lexicon with merge enabled and set the specific fields option to only Beatgrid.

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