Trying to delete all duplicates in my serato

Ok. This duplicate feature is not working for my serato. I have the latest serate version as of today date. windows 11. I went through the whole find my duplication process. I found my duplicates. I picked the songs I wanted to keep and the ones I wanted to archive. I archive the songs and that went through successful in lexicon. Then I synched over the information as the youtube video showed me to my serato. That went through successful. I also know it went through successful because my backup software detected that everything is new and wanted to back up the whole music. But I still see duplicates in my Serato! For some strange reason these are the same songs with the same path. I believe this happen because I was using MAC and Windows and somehow it did something funky. Lexicon is suppose to find these duplicated tracks even if they have the same path and choose one and keep it in the same playlist folder. The concept is Genius and exactly what I want. But its not happening. I tried to go to lexicon and see if it has the same duplicated files but as a new user I only see it searching for playlist and not music. Question how can I search my lexicon by songs to compare the lexicon with my serato for music. And two why is it not removing the duplicates in my serato? Any help would be great. I paid for the subscription and would hate to leave because this can not be done.

Did you do a Full Sync to Serato? Full is important because that’s the only sync that removes tracks from your Serato, and the duplicates you archived need to be removed.

I would also check to confirm if your tracks in the Lexicon track browser are what they should be. Check if any of the archived duplicates are still in there.

So I went back and tried again. I deleted everything in the Archive section. I check in the tracks in the lexicon track browser and it does not show the files that are duplicated. I went and sync over using “Full” . I also used the utilities to find broken tracks “missing”. Everything synced over fine. The utility missing tracks are gone. But the duplicate files in serato are still there. Mind you these files are the same mp3 files but just have duplicated location path which might be slightly different. For example it has the same folder path but the only difference is one letter might be upper case and the other is lower case. Let me know if you know if there is a solution to this. Thank you.

You can try deleting your _Serato_/database V2 file and _Serato_/Subcrates folders (in your Music folder and on external drives), then start Serato once, close it, and full sync. That will make sure anything left over by Serato is gone and only tracks from Lexicon will be in there.
Rename works too of course, as a backup.

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Thanks this worked! Had to do a little surgery but that did the job. Only small issue is when i imported everything over it open all my folders and didnt keep the collapse folder status. I will fool around with this tool more and see what I can do. I notice you added me on a channel in discord. I dont use discord much. What should i be looking out for from you guys when it comes to discord? Thanks once again?

You can use Discord for all your questions, it’s easier and faster than the forums :+1: