Two big Traktor Issues, Analysis blocked and cover art missing

There are two main issues with Traktor compatibility:

1.- All songs and playlists exported from lexicon to Traktor have the analyze blocked.
Traktor analysis is the best in class in dj softwares (IMO) so we should be able to export our libraries with tags and comments with the capability to be analyzed by Traktor

2.- All the album covers are wiped off the songs.
This is really a big problem, since the majority of our memory cues are visual and not having the art cover represents a really bid downgrade of implementing Lexicon in our workflow


If you have analyzed your tracks in Lexicon, it will add the analysis lock otherwise Traktor will overwrite your beatgrids. If you want Traktor analysis, it is easiest to add tracks to Traktor first and analyze there and then merge import that into Lexicon.

Traktor doesn’t have a way to reload album art so I don’t really have a good fix for that at the moment. Workaround is the same as above, start with your tracks in Traktor so Traktor creates the entries with album art.