Unable to download component (ffmpeg)

Many operations seem to result in an ‘Unable to download component’ error message.

Another topic has mentioned this, and the suggestion is to suspend the firewall and virus checker.

If this is a requirement of Lexicon then this presents a security risk every time Lexicon is used.

I have the latest ffmpeg library on my hard disc, with paths defined, but Lexicon wants to download its own copy.

Lexicon is understandably dependent on ffmpeg, so is there a possibility of the ffmpeg library being installed with Lexicon, or at least a check made whether there is a local copy of ffmpeg available before downloading a copy?

This would help to overcome security issues arising from suspending firewall and anti-virus software when using Lexicon.

ffmpeg error screen

ffmpeg is already in Lexicon, it just needs to extract it to your temporary folder. It seems that moving the files is not working. Most often this is a virus scanner blocking it because it doesn’t know Lexicon so that is the first place to check.

Hi - many thanks. Putting an exception into Bitlocker for the AppData/Local/Temp/Lexicon directory has cleared this error message. :slight_smile:

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Great! Yeah I heard about Bitlocker being a bit strict before

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