Unable to import from Rekordbox - locked sqlite database (v0.3.33)

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Lexicon version: .v0.3.33
Operating system: Mac

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As of v0.3.33 I am unable to import from Rekordbox - I get the error l"ocked sqlite database" (See the screenshot below.

Try to import a playlist form Rekordbox.


When does this happen exactly? Does this happen right after you reboot your computer too?

If you see this error again, can you check in your Activity Monitor if either rekordbox or the rekordbox agent is still running?

Neither Rekordbox or RekordboxAgent were running when I tried the playlist import (I did check with Activity Monitor). A restart did not resolve it.

So you get this error every time you try it now? Even right after a computer restart, without having started Rekordbox? Just trying to rule that out because a database lock is often from a different program using the same database.

2 out of 2 times (each with restart) I tried with this version it happened. I have since downgraded to v0.3.26 due this issue and the other VDJ video import issue.

Did you try the new version from yesterday? Should resolve this issue

I have tried the new version (v0.3.34), and I have confirmed that the issue is resolved. Than you for you time and effort on this.

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