Unable to import Serato Library entirely

Hi there!

I’m trying to import my tracks and crates from Serato into Lexicon, and it won’t even start most of the process. I get this error:

Error: EPERM: operation not permitted, rename ‘C:\Users(Username)\AppData\Local\Temp\Lexicon\tagger\tagger-’> ‘C:\Users(Username)\AppData\Local\Temp\Lexicon\tagger\bin’

The problem as I understand it is that I need to rename this temp file, but I can’t actually track it down to do so…

This usually happens when a virus scanner or some kind of security software blocks Lexicon from operating normally. In this case it seems like it blocks Lexicon from extracting the underlying tagger executable.

Hello Christiaan, and thank you for the swift response!

So i checked permissions for Lexicon in my antivirus software (bitdefender) and it has full permissions. Any idea what I should change here?

Try disabling Bitdefender, just a test if that is the cause. I think Bitdefender is pretty strict so could very well be the reason.

I’m not really sure what options Bitdefender has but maybe you can exclude the C:\Users(Username)\AppData\Local\Temp\Lexicon folder.