Unable to play tracks in the Lexicon Player

Every tracks says the following

Unable to play: UserError: unable to read track (code 127)

does not matter what track none of them play in the lexicon Player

Can you try running Cleanup, from the Help menu? Sounds like maybe an underlying process is failing

If that doesn’t work, make sure there is no virus scanner or something blocking Lexicon or the ffmpeg process.

Ran the clean up then tried to load a song it looked like it worked then went bback to the same error code.

I dont have antivirus on this macbbook so what else can i do ?

Can you upload your Lexicon database & logs? From the Help menu. Maybe I can see something in there

uploaded now

Don’t really see anything other than the error. Did you try a computer restart?

yes restarted and everything very weird …everything else works apart from that

Is there a way to unistall the program completly and then install a fresh copy ?

You can just run the installer again: Download | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

I’m not sure why it’s not working on your computer to be honest. The error you are getting doesn’t really say much either

New to Lexicon, but i have the same problem. Tried restarting the computer (Mac) & re-installing Lexicon. Still the same problem…

Can you try the beta version? In the Lexicon settings, at the bottom, you can switch to the beta branch. There is a fix there that solves a potential problem like this

I did install again, reboot, cleanup. then it worked

Beta version didn’t work for me.
Tried to re-install again, but still the same problem.

My library in Lexicon is totally new, so i don’t have anything to compare with.
(Library imported from apple music xml)

Macbook on macOS Monterey version 12.4

Can you make a screenshot of the error?

Apologies, i was to fast. because i’m new to Lexicon, i didn’t know the look of the Bete-version.
After my reply, i got a notification to download the béta-version. (wich i did)

Now it seem to work fine.:+1:

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Great :slight_smile: