Update filename

I have the filename pattern as %artist% - %title%
I go and update the artist of a song in the tracks section. Will it then update the filename based on the incoming settings?

Yes, if you have a target folder set. It will move the track to that folder and rename it.

The files are already imported. I then see in track that a song needs to be updated. I change the title of the song. but the file name never changes from what it wa when it was first imported.
I want it to change to match the import settings of artist - title

Follow the guide and you can let Lexicon rename your files. You can send existing tracks to the Incoming page by using the recipe. Right click tracks → Edit → Recipes, at the bottom.

Once a target folder and filename pattern is set up (use %artist% - %title% as pattern) and you press Mark Selected Done, it will move & rename files. Try it with just one track first to see how it works.

I get that I would have to put it back into the importer, but I was updating thinking it would update automatically. Can you make it do that automatically?

Not sure I understand what you mean

I went into tracks
I did a search in title for (blah blah riddim)
I get a list of 10 songs that start with that
I go to edit and replace text recipe
now the songs are gone from the list
But the file name never gets updated with the new correct name after me editing.
Hard to find the files and put them into importer after the update.

Maybe if I could search then drag and drop them into importer and edit them in there so they will get updated correctly “write tags”?

Recipes don’t change filename.

Updating filename is only possible through the Incoming page, see earlier guide and video on youtube.
If you wait a bit for the next Lexicon update, you will also be able to rename files without letting Lexicon move them.

Is there an issue with recipes being able to update the filename?

I don’t follow. There is no recipe that can update filenames

If I use a recipe that alters the title or artist , I want the file name to reflect the change as soon as I committed the recipe to file.
Since my file structure is %artist% - %title%

Okay, then use the recipe to mark them as incoming.

Go to the Incoming page.

Choose Settings and set it up like this:

Then select one track and choose Selected done.

That should rename your file and it should still work in Lexicon. Check that to be sure and then you can do the same for the rest of your tracks.

I used Remove number prefix

The file name never changes:

Can you add a check box in recipes to move to incoming or a setting to always move to incoming upon editing of field that relates to the file rename pattern?
If possible :slight_smile:

Not sure I follow what you mean

What I have been doing is edit the file(s), switch to recipes and then run

when the file(s) are in incoming I update the fields I need (artist, name, year, comments, etc)
Then select done for each or all that I have finished editing to get the filename renamed to match the setting for incoming.

So What I’m asking is for any recipe or edit have a check box to move the file(s) to incoming so that the filename can get updated due to your edits

No, that’s too specific for your workflow

But I don’t understand why you don’t just mark your tracks as Incoming before editing them? When you press Done, it will rename them and they are removed from the incoming list

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