Updated Lexicon Library Fails to Sync with Serato (error msg screenshot included)

Dearest Mr. C,

 My Lexicon library failed to sync with my Serato library.  
 The error msg info is included on the bottom.
 Your assistance in this matter is deeply appreciated.



It states, "Sync failed. Failed to sync to Serato DJ. Please try again. EROFS: read-only file system, mkdir ‘Volumes/Expansion Drive/Serato/Lexicon’

This is a permission error, please try the steps here: Troubleshooting common problems

Greetings, Christiaan.

I’ve tried ALL of the suggestions in regards to troubleshooting my issue but unfortunately nothing is working in regards to successfully syncing my Lexicon music library to my Serato software library. And now, unfortunately, I can’t sync to VirtualDJ as well. This is really a bad problem and I need your help straightening it all out , PLEASE. If this can’t be solved, I’m going to have to cancel my subscription, thus resulting in you losing my business. I really do NOT want that to happen.


There must be something about your Serato folder there or the drive, because the error says mkdir which means it is erroring on trying to create a directory. The error clearly states it is a read-only filesystem which would explain it can’t create a directory.