USB Sync with Rekordbox 6

Hiya, I’ve recently been getting gigs which are requiring me to use USBs rather than my normal laptop set up. Lexicon is working perfectly for me adding new tracks into my relevant engine and rekordbox libraries but i’m having an issue with my rekordbox usb sync.

I created 2 new fresh identical usb’s for these with 3 or 4 genres consisting of around 5000 tracks on. However, every-time I add new music to lexicon and sync to rekordbox, when I then try to update the USB’s rekordbox is removing the entire library on the USB and re-syncing everything again. This is quite frustrating as to add 15-20 new tracks I need to sync all 5000+ songs again which takes a good few hours.

Does anyone know of a way to address this or is this just a downside of creating new XML files each time I add new music? any help/ advise would be much appreciated.



Hi! That is definitely not normal.
What is your sync process? Do you use the Rekordbox 6 method or the Rekordbox XML method?

Can you tell me a little about your folder structure on your computer? An example location of one of your tracks would be helpful.

Hi Christiaan,

I just export using the sync manager on Rekordbox 6. Put my USB in and sync playlists across.

I have a specific folder structure for my DJ music. so its Mac HD>Users >Charlie>Music>DJ Music>Tech House>16872319_FIJI_(Club Mix).mp3 . This is an example of a recent track i’ve tried adding.

My DJ music folder contains various genre folders within it and the mp3s located within these genre folders.

Hope that helps



It might be this setting in Rekordbox Delete Tracks:

What you can also try is right clicking a playlist and export that to a USB, instead of using the Sync Manager (personally, I never use it, always only right click playlists & export).

Hello Christian,
I have the same problem.
Sync with Sync Manager takes hours and eventually freezes.
Something doesn’t seem right there…
I’ve now formatted 2 different USB sticks with fat32 - always the same result.
All tracks are present in the RB library - so no missing tracks.
I also tried to sync only a few playlists - exactly the same problem

I think I found the problem:
You can’t sync the whole library at once.
I have now transferred the playlists bit by bit, it’s not optimal but it works.
In addition, 2 tracks were not in order - the synchronization then simply stops.

Will test it again and report back