Use duplicate utiltiy only, without importing/exporting Rekordbox collection?

Is it possible to just use the utility to find and delete duplicates in my Rekordbox collection?

I would (and have, but restored from a backup since) import into Lexicon from Rekordbox, run the duplicate scan and then export back to Rekordbox - but I really don’t like that it would force me to change my conventions of using BOTH memory points AND hot cues in Rekordbox.

Every club I’ve ever played in has had CDJ’s. The model of CDJ’s can range - where sometimes hot cues are available without having to load them up each time, and sometimes not (newer models).
Having both allow me to be flexible in how I play in this range of environments.

While some of the other library cleaning features of Lexicon seem great, particularly the Duplicate finding utility, it simply does not make sense to wipe out years of carefully placed hot cues and memory points in favor of one or the other.

Is there any way to use this Track Duplicate feature (or any other features for that matter) without altering the rest of my collection or is it pretty much an all or nothing deal?

If you import from Rekordbox with the cue setting on Both and sync to Rekordbox with the Cue Destination setting on Default then it should give you the original cues (hot and memory) in the original positions.
The only thing that gets dropped is cues that are on identical positions (so a hot and memory cue that are on the exact same spot).

See this manual page: Rekordbox | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

Right, I understand that you can choose that option.
What I’m referring to is that I have cues and memory points on the exact same points - as you said.

At least in Rekordbox, and thus on cdj’s as well, Cues and Memory points have some slightly different behavior. One that I use quite often is that in memory points, you can set them to loop as soon as they hit that point in the song - I don’t think this is possible using only hot cues.
For hot cues, they’ll obviously jump immediately to that spot in the track while it’s playing - something that as far as I’m aware, is not a feature of memory points.

I get why you’d probably need to choose one or the other (at the same spot) for Lexicon, as it is mainly a conversion tool and Rekordbox is the only one with these two separate systems (cues and memory) but, at least at the present moment, I’m not sure I’m ready to part with that system.
Maybe I will but haven’t made up my mind yet I guess - assuming it’s not something that can be worked around.

Back to my original question though: is it possible to use the Find Duplicates feature (and/or other features) without erasing these cues/memory points that are in identical positions?

No, that’s not possible then.

But the part I don’t understand, if you export cues to Both, isn’t that always what you want then?

Just import only hot cues and sync to both. You’ll get them on the same positions in RB like you described. The only thing that might be missing is different naming between your hot and memory cues, if you have that.

I want all my hot cues to share the same space as a memory point.

If I only import the hot cues and then export cues to both, wouldn’t that still delete any memory points that share the same space as the hot cues?

No, because a hot cue and a memory cue at the same position is allowed in Rekordbox. So it sounds like the Both option is exactly what you need here.

OK, if that’s the case then great!
Backing up RB now and then I’ll give it another try.

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Maybe I misunderstood what steps to take or options you said to select but I did Only Cues on Import into Lexicon and Default when syncing back to Rekordbox. This resulted in no memory points, only hot cues in Rekordbox.

Restoring Rekordbox back to before the sync and I’ll try again with the same ‘Only Cues’ on Import to Lexicon and then this time ‘All to hot and memory cue’ when syncing back to Rekordbox.

If I’ve misunderstood what to do to get both my Hot Cues and Memory Points, some of which (usually 3 per track) share the same exact space, to be there after syncing back to Rekordbox please let me know.

This is the right option:

Whatever cues you will have in Lexicon, will then appear as both hot and memory cue in RB.

Wouldn’t that mean that they would overwrite the existing memory points?
I have usually 3 hot cues and then about 8 memory points in Rekordbox per track.
The three hot cues almost always share the same point with a memory point as well.
With ‘All to hot and memory cue’, wouldn’t this just result in 3 hot cues and 3 memory points, rather than the full 8 or whatever memory points I had before?

Just tested it and it is as I said - deletes all other memory points except for the three that share the same space as the hot cues that were imported into Lexicon.

Yes it will overwrite them, but I thought you meant that you have the same hot and memory cues on your tracks.

If you have different hot and memory cues on each track, then the only thing you can do is to choose Both on import and Default on sync. That should give you 3 hot and 8 memory cues again and newly added cues in Lexicon will be added to the hot cue bank.

The alternative is to use a different cue strategy…
Lexicon simply only knows “cues” (no hot or mem), so the above is the best that is possible.