Utility reports a whole list of broken tracks which are not broken or corrupt?

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Lexicon version: 1.6.8
Operating system (remove one): Windows

Bug description:
When generating a broken track report I get over 1500 files in the report, but they all seem to be working just fine? I had an issue with broken files which I finally got all repaired last week so I gto spooked to see this. In the previous version (i think it as 1.6.6 it didn’t report these files as broken.

Step by step to reproduce:
Go to utility > Find broken tracks
Select scan for corrupt tracks and click the scan button.


Sometimes tracks are “broken” but still playable, like with invalid or broken ID3 tags. The audio may still work, but that depends on the music player.

In this case, the result is unknown so the scanner has found a problem that hasn’t been given a proper label yet. It could be that it is a non-error. If you upload a few of those tracks, I can look into them and give you more info.

You can upload with this link: http://upload.lexicondj.com

I upload three tracks so you can check.
FYI, the same tracks did not appear on the report in the previous lexicon version.

Thanks! This appears to be a bug in the Find Broken Tracks utility, I will make sure there will be a fix in the next update. For now, I think you can safely ignore the results