Viewing Virtual DJ 'Virtual Folders'

Hi, it is possible to view/edit Virtual DJ ‘Virtual Folders’ (The VDJ equivalent of Serato Crates).
I’m a wedding DJ and I have over 10 years’ worth of organistation of various virtual folders so it would be cool to be able to see them from Lexicon.


Virtual Folders aren’t supported at the moment. Lexicon imports VDJ playlists.

I think you can export your Virtual Folders as playlists (one by one) and then save them to your Documents/VirtualDJ/Playlists folder and then Lexicon will import them.

I wasn’t sure how much virtual folders are used, what is even the difference between a virtual folder and a playlist?

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Thanks for the reply, Christian, Virtual DJ Virtual Folders are useful because you can put one inside the other to create a hierarchy (screenshot attached), and then by right-clicking on the parent folder and clicking ‘recurse’ you can view the content of all the sub-folders as well.
I think it is quite a commonly used feature of Virtual DJ. I don’t think it’s possible to do this with normal playlists.

Okay, I think they are “crates” like in Serato. Lexicon combines playlists and crates, you can always click any parent folder.

I’ll look into adding support for them, but it won’t very soon though.

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Andy you can do this with playlists as well although I am not sure about the recursing part but you can have sub folders within a “parent” folder in playlists.

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Thanks for the replies both, yes that’s right I think they are very similar to Serato crates, I’ll take a look at organising into playlists and putting them into folders.

To be honest, I was hoping to find a library tool that works with everything as I already have it, but I appreciate the advice - it looks like with a bit of converting things I could get something up and running with lexicon.

Thanks for your help.