Virtual dj 2024

Does Lexicon not work with syncing VDJ playlists yet? VDJ changed their playlist folder and I cant get them into Lexicon. TIA

Should be fully compatible with MyLists… Do you have MyLists in your VDJ?

Check your VirtualDJ folder and if it contains the MyLists folder or Playlists folder.

/Users/user/Library/Application Support/VirtualDJ

Yes, I moved them there… My playlists are .m3u files. Do these work?

Do i need to make a database backup in VDJ, or will Lexicon see it automatically?

Also, because of the VDJ release, Cratehackers had to do a work around, so my playlists are going to a M3u folder in VDJ. I copied my playlists to Mylists in VDJ.

When I try to import playlists into Lexicon, they do not show up.

So the temporary work around for me is i imported through rekordbox then synced to VDJ.

I think the crate hackers workaround probably broke it.

Normally VDJ will automatically convert your m3u to MyLists, so after that it should work.

You should delete the VirtualDJ/Playlists folder and make sure your playlists are in MyLists as .virtualfolder files

Highly doubt that. The CH app still exports to VirtualDJ’s legacy Playlist folder. Virtual DJ does a one time import after the update converting everything to the XML format in My Lists. The works around is either Favoriting the Playlists folder or checking Support options in VDJ’s Configuration > Options > browserShowLegacyM3UPlaylists = Yes anything new and exported will show up as M3U Playlists in white. Anything from this list can but updated manually to My Lists by right clicking and selecting Convert to My lists. This is current as of 5-10-24 and may be updated as they add and update features.