Virtual DJ full sync adds files that are not in my db

Hi Christiaan,

I was a Rekord Cloud user for 1 month a couple of years ago, it’s cool to see the improvements with Lexicon! :+1:

My question/feedback: when running a full sync from VDJ to Lexicon, it adds files that are not in “search db”. To my knowledge, search db is the “real, clean” db of VDJ. But it appears something else is considered as database, like when a file is viewed/scanned by VDJ.
I did this test:

  • I removed all “not in search db” files in Lexicon (1400 files removed or so)
  • I synced Lexicon to VDJ (94 clean files)
  • I browsed a local folder with 4 files (VDJ scans it) but I DON’T add them to my search db
  • I synced VDJ to Lexicon: I now see those 4 files :confused: (98 files)

Could you please tell me how I can avoid those browsed files to be added to my Lexicon db?

Thank you very much


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Did you clean the search DB again after browsing the local folder?
I think VDJ adds them to that search DB (which is the database.xml file LXC reads) even when you only browse files.

Hi Christiaan,

I shouldn’t be cleaning after browsing because I set the VDJ option “browser/autosearchdb” to “NO”. So it shouldn’t be adding files automatically to the database when browsing, according to VDJ " > see doc here autosearchdb (Automatically add any song that VirtualDJ encounters while browsing your folders and drives, to the search database)

I made 2 quick videos:

Thank you for your help!



I’m not really sure, I agree with how that option should work.
Seems that VDJ is keeping those files around for some reason.

You can get rid of them by hand, but it is tricky. You can edit the database.xml file that VDJ uses but that xml file is super fragile (one wrong space and the database is corrupt) so I wouldn’t really recommend it.