Virtual DJ import to Lexicon missing tracks in playlists

Hello. I need your help with the following issue. I have tried many times to import the full library of VDJ into Lexicon. It always gets the full library with all the songs but in the playlists, it does not include all the songs. For example, if a VDJ playlist includes 100 songs, in the Lexicon after importing it has only 40 songs. Other playlists are totally empty missing all the songs. This happens either I do a full library import or just a playlists import it does the same error. This error is reported in Lexicon after importing so since the program finds the error I suppose that there is a fix for that issue. Could you please help me out? Is there anything you recommend I should do to solve this? Looking forward to your reply. Thanks in advance!

Hi there!
This can happen if a track is in a playlist but not in the VDJ database. There are a few other reasons too but I don’t think they should result in totally empty playlists.

I can give you a better answer if you upload your VirtualDJ database to me. It is located at Documents/VirtualDJ. If you zip and upload it, I will get back to you. You can upload directly to me with this link:

Thanks for your reply. I’m pretty sure that all the tracks are in the database, however, I’ll give it a try and upload the database to you. Also, I will send you the report from the Lexicon by trying now to import it once again. I hope this will helps. Thanks in advance!

Can you also upload the /Volumes/Samsung USB/VirtualDJ folder? I think that contains most of your track info

Yes, I upload it right now. You will get it soon. Thank you!

Okay it seems to be this weird thing that VDJ did to your database.

Try this:

  1. Backup your /Volumes/Samsung USB/VirtualDJ folder
  2. Open the /Volumes/Samsung USB/VirtualDJ/database.xml file with a text editor
  3. Find and replace D:/ with /Volumes/Samsung USB/

For example, you’d get text in there looking like this <Song FilePath="/Volumes/Samsung USB/MUSIC/ROCK GENERAL/Magic.mp3" FileSize="11523297">

Then try another full import (make sure Merge is disabled).

OK, so I did exactly what you said and now it finds all the songs!! Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it! Do you know if from now on when I add new songs to my library if this problem will happen again or if it solved for good? Thanks!

No problem :slight_smile:

Honestly I don’t know because it’s this weird thing VDJ does and I’m not even sure why it does that. Just keep an eye on the report that Lexicon creates. If there are any missing in the playlist, it will say so there.

Ok, thank you so much for all your help. Your software is great! Keep up the good work!

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