Virtual Dj Loop cue changed to marker Only

I did a group color change on all my cue points and now all of my Loops have changed from Cue point loops to marker only. How Do I fix this. I have done a bunch of edits in virtual dj after doing the color change now if I do a restore all of my work on the other songs will be gone. How Do I fix this.

Yeah this happens when you save cues in Lexicon to make the results the same as what you see in Lexicon. Because Lexicon only has visible cues, saving them removes the “marker only” property from the cues. When syncing to VDJ, your cues end up as normal cues, the marker only thing is removed.

Maybe the best thing is to restore a VDJ backup, see Backups and how to restore them

That is not excepable. Now because I did work between the time did cue update to all my tracks. If I do a restore all my work is gone!!. Canceling my subscription. Will go with your competitor.