Virtual DJ: No smart folders after import from SSW

When I export my Traktor Libary to Virtual DJ, no smart folder is created under “my lists” but only normal folders. Actually, the smart folders should appear as “filters”.
Why is that?
VDJ BUILD 8055 (2024-04-01)

Are you using the new VDJ beta version? The new MyLists is not yet supported in Lexicon

Yes I do.
I can see “My List” but only normal Playlist- no smartlists
I hope it will be supported soon


FYI, it has moved out of beta and into public release. Still gonna hold off until it’s supported fully…I believe they posted a workaround for the time being though…

From their forum…
In VirtualDJ 2024, go in settings, options, and search for browserAutoExportM3U or browserAutoExportM3UShowPlaylists.
These options are made specially to handle backward compatibility cases with external utilities.

I’ll work on supporting it asap!

I’ll have a test version ready for you guys tomorrow :+1:

This test release has MyLists support:

Mac x64 / Intel
Mac ARM / Apple Silicon

Let me know if it works please or if I forgot something. Make sure you disable the above VDJ setting if you enabled it. The way it works is that Lexicon checks if the MyLists folder exists and if so, it will sync/import everything from that folder and fully ignore old playlists/virtual folders.

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Thanks- works fine :slight_smile:

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Yup!!! Works GREAT!!! I especially like that my SmartLists are now synced as Filter Folders in VDJ rather than regular playlist folders. Haven’t run into any issues yet. Thanks for the speedy work.

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