Virtual DJ Playlist Not Working

I use VDJ. For some reason when I save a playlist in lexicon it’s not showing up in VDJ. Please help.

Have you synced the playlist? VDJ is only updated when you run a Sync, that is when Lexicon sends your tracks, playlists and everything to the DJ app.

No, I’m not familiar with this. How do I do that?

The second half of this video explains it for Serato, just change the dropdown the VirtualDJ

Ok… Now I got this to work but my old Virtual DJ folders are missing. Any clue?

Check under Lists & Advice → Playlists

I’m calling it the wrong thing. My Virtual Folders went missing.

Virtual Folders and Playlists are the same thing with a different name in VDJ. Lexicon always exports your playlists as VDJ Playlist, so not as Virtual Folder. That’s why you’ll find them under Lists & Advice.