VirtualDJ can't sync all my Virtual Folders

hi there, just bought the pro version of Lexicon. I want to transfer anything (database, cues , tracks) from a windows laptop to my new macbook. I tried to sync playlists first and the virtual folders. For a reason i don’t know, the lexicon finds only some of them

When you sync (export) to VDJ, Lexicon puts them all under Lists & Advice -> Playlists, so your virtual folders will then be playlists.

Are all your playlists visible in Lexicon? Did the import go okay and everything is there?

thanks for your reply, i will check it now!

Unfortunately not…

Those are favorites, not the actual playlists

Are your playlists under Lists & Advice ?

The reds are the virtual folders! Ase you can see when i do sync in lexicon, it doesn’ t find all of them.

I think they are favorited virtual folders. There should be a Virtual Folders tree item there, are your folders in there?

No, not at all!!!

Okay, so your playlists (virtual folders) are not all in Lexicon yet, right?
On the Import page, did you select Virtual Folders?

yes i did!! many times. And i just saw that the sublists inside the virtual lists are missing too.

Okay, can you upload your Lexicon database and your VirtualDJ database?
Lexicon database: from the Help menu at the top

VirtualDJ is found here:





If you zip that folder, you can upload it to

ok, i sent them both

I will check them in a week or so, going on some time off so can’t do it right now. It’s on the top of my list

Just tried to check it but I don’t have the entire VDJ folder. You uploaded the database.xml file but I need the entire VirtualDJ folder. Can you zip and upload that?