Virtualdj database.xml file could not be found

I’m using VirtualDj on Windows. Lexicon cannot find Virtual DJ’s database.xml to import it. The Database.xml is in the path: C:\Users\spabj\OneDrive - spabj\Documents\VirtualDJ
For example Lexicon find my rekordbox database with no problem and it’s in the “C:\Users\spabj\OneDrive - spabj\Documents” folder same as VDJ’s…

Can you upload your Lexicon logs? From the Help menu.
I can see what is going on in there and give you more info.

Done :slight_smile:

I suspect it has something to do with the accented characters in your OneDrive folder name. Maybe you can rename it to just “OneDrive”, without the extra part that you have there now.

Yes, it might be that. It has polish characters.
I’ll try renaming it and will let you know how this goes then.

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