Watch folder only works with Lexicon open

Lexicon version: 0.3.35
Operating system: Mac

Bug description
When adding tracks to the incoming watch folder with Lexicon closed, they are not added to the library as expected. With lexicon open, they appear as they should.

I am using an external drive to hold all of my tracks, so not sure if that has anything to do with it.

If you go to the incoming page, it shows the Watch folder. Is that path accurate and exists?

For me the watch folder works as expected when I start it.

The path was correct and the drive was attached before opening Lexicon. I will try again when i download some new tracks and report back.

Looks like im still having the issue, Im on mac version 11.5, and using an external drive.

I have attached a screen shot of the issue. I added these tracks to my watch folder before opening Lexicon and it did not see them. Removing and re-adding them to the folder makes it work correctly.

I’ve also attached my settings for the incoming folder.

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Just tried it again, this time on my mac.
I added the tracks to the Watch folder, they got added to Lexicon while it was running.

Then I deleted the tracks from Lexicon, then quit Lexicon (top menu → Quit Lexicon).

Started Lexicon again, and the tracks were added to the library again on startup after a few seconds.

So it seems to work normally here.

Can you upload your logs (Help menu)? Maybe there is something in there that can help us

I’ll shoot some logs off later today! I wonder if im just no waiting long enough after starting Lexicon. I’ll be sure to wait a little while next time as well.

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Didnt get around to the logs last night, I’ll try to add some stuff and get around to them today!

Turns out it works fine, i was just being impatient. Sorry!

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Actually, something is still strange, i just did an import with 10 tracks, only 5 came in correctly and i got a bunch with ._Song - Artist (mix).mp3 in the title

Sent in the logs

Arn’t tracks with the ._ prefix a file created by MacOS and not a media file, I switch between MAC and Windows and they are not anything but a meta file I believe and shouldn’t be imported

Good catch, I’ll look into those

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