Waveform appearance in lexicon

Hi there!. I’m really enjoying lexicon, as I historically used Traktor but have CDJ’s now and need to go back and forth from RB. I would like to use lexicon as my main library software, by doing all the gridding, cues in lexicon. I typically like to place my cues through out the track so I can skip through sections when DJing to make my own short edit. I am very used to Traktor, and am finding it really difficult to visually see the sections with the waveform. Maybe the size, or the color? are there any changes planned to provide options in the waveforms, or to change it to provide a better visual of the song for ease of finding phrases, drops, etc.

Currently, I add them lexicon, put them in playlists, send them to Traktor to cue them. then send them back to lexicon. when my massive library is done, I will send them from lexicon to RB. I think it will help speed up the cueing process when you have a huge library, if I could place cues visually like in Traktor, or RB for that matter. I feel like maybe the color is too similar along the whole track so its hard to see what’s going on with the song, without listening to the whole thing.

thanks for listening!


The waveform is getting a huge overhaul both in visual appearance and performance. Right now it is quite basic and not yet good enough. Pretty waveforms are hard so haven’t had enough time for it yet.

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New waveform is fire.

I like it.

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