What is Lexicon, the idea and the vision?

Welcome to Lexicon!

Lexicon is the evolution of Rekordcloud. Better, faster, stronger and easier.

The idea

Rekordcloud has many great tools, but it lacks in usability and it can be quite confusing for new users. The combination of website and companion app is a strange but historical choice.

Lexicon aims to fix this by moving all tools into one cross-platform application. The layout is much more familiar to anyone that has used a DJ app before.

The primary idea of Lexicon is to become the ultimate library manager for DJs. All library management can be done in Lexicon and when a DJ wants to mix, they can export to their favorite DJ app.

That means less importing, less exporting and less messing around with converters altogether.

Lexicon is power-user friendly. There will be hotkeys for almost anything. When appropriate, features are configurable. Lexicon is not a tool that is dumbed down but rather has sensible defaults that can be tweaked.

The vision

To bring you maximum library management power, Lexicon always has place for new ideas and third party integrations.

The community will always be involved in the direction of Lexicon. Ideas come straight from the DJs, feedback will be asked before even building new features.

Lexicon aims to stay as up-to-date as possible. If new technology or trends emerge and it has a place in Lexicon, it will always be considered.

How can you help?

Rekordcloud is a one man company and to build and perfect Lexicon, I really need your help!
The power of a one man company is agility and speed. Lexicon can be improved and bugs can be fixed at a moments notice. The weakness is time, it is very limited.

You can greatly help me by finding bugs or giving your thoughts about how things could be better. Constructive feedback is super valuable! I really want the community to be the driving force behind Lexicon.

Together we can make something amazing! :muscle:

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