When does Lexicon recognize a track as changed?

I import Traktor to Lexicon as the main database and then export to Virtual DJ.
In VDJ I created my own sorting order and added colors to folders and playlists. Unfortunately, when importing completely, the colors and the order are deleted. I managed to only synchronize selected playlists - then the colors and order are retained.
Now my question:
When does Lexicon recognize a track as changed? For example, if I changed the rating or track name in Traktor and then go to “modified only” sync, Lexicon shows “no changes since last sync” even though hot cues or other data from tracks in Traktor have been changed since the last import.

Sync means export, so changing something in Traktor has no effect there.
Modified Sync only takes changes that you made in Lexicon into account

after the recent updates on both lexicon and virtual my exported playlists to virtual are not in the order they are in lexicon. this threw my workflow right off last weekend.

@kilo360 Do you have screenshots of both Lexicon and VDJ? I’ll try and see what is going on

Same problem here- folders are at the bottom of the tree and not at the top like in Lexicon. Playlists Order is Ok.

I did find a bug where it would update tracks when the Year was empty in Lexicon. That bug is fixed in the latest update so it should not update your files without reason anymore.

Heads up i’m new to virtual. Coming from serato, there might be a setting i’m missing.

Sorry, what are you trying to show with the screenshots?

That my synced folders are scrambled.

That will be fixed in the next update, in a few days