Where does Lexicon stores the "Mix" name

It seems Lexicon does not use any tags to store the mix name but relies on its internal database instead. Is it correct? Thanks.

See the metadata of the same track seen from different software




I am having the same issue with FLAC files. I tried mapping Mix to SUBTITLE, MIXARTIST (what Traktor uses), and TIT3. However I haven’t tried mp3.

Tags are only written to file when doing so explicitly: right click your tracks → Use → Write Tags To File.

I think Mix is not an official tag, TIT3 is an ID3 tag, but not specifically Mix. I’ll look into adding support for it.

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Mix tag is now supported in the beta release and uses the TIT3 tag for ID3 or SUBTITLE for Vorbis.

That was fast… Thanks Christiaan!

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Hi @Christiaan: has the release been deployed? I still cannot see the “Mix” despite being in beta.



By the way, there is a bug about the version channel: every time I quit (stopping Lexicon), the “Release Branch” drop-down list in the settings switches back to “Stable”.

You have to download the beta here: Download (BETA) | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

The release branch option is deprecated

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Aaaah thanks, that was the missing piece of information :slightly_smiling_face:
I will install it during the weekend.

After installing the Beta AND reloading the tags… it works. Thanks a lot !

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