Why is Rekordbox always deleting nearly my whole library from my stick when syncing it

hey, i have about 7k tracks in my library in Serato and a bunch of crates which i update regularly with new tracks. after updating my crates i always safe my Serato library to lexicon and export them to Rekordbox (there are the old ones) and import the new rekordbox xml of the playlists.

When i do this and want to sync my usb for updating it, it removes like 6500 of the tracks first and readds them afterwards instead of only add like 40 Tracks in the playlist.

What can i do in order not to always delete my whole usb?? its taking ages to sync…

Have you tried only exporting specific playlists to the USB? When you right click it you can export it

I can do nothing about it bc when i plug the stick in RB immediatly starts syncing it by starting to delet the files.

Might be one of these settings in the Rekordbox preferences: