Why is there no explorer?

First Question:
How can i see my Folder Structure like in Every other Dj software?

The most of my tracks are NOT in playlists, i have hundrets of good sorted folders, and just wanna see them like that.
This is an absolutely basic function and i cannot find it in Lexicon, so the software is completely useless for organizing anything for me, because i cannot see something.

Second Question:
Do i really need to have every single Dj Software on my Computer, also if i don’t use it and just want to play on Cdjs ore Standalone?

For me it seems, this software has a lot of fancy features, but they’re completely useless for me and it makes everything very complicated.

Lexicon organizes in playlists and not in file structure because playlists are in every DJ app and on every controller. File structures are very limited and slower.

Crossfader actually just did a music management course with a lot of great info, might be something for you: https://app.wearecrossfader.co.uk/online-dj-courses/Music-Management-For-DJs

You don’t need every DJ app on your computer, not sure where you got that from. You only need the DJ app you actively use… If you only play on CDJs with a USB, then all you need is Rekordbox and you create/upgrade the USB with Rekordbox.

Edit: if you’re confused about how Lexicon works, our YouTube channel is the place to start.

thanks for your reply, but its not really helpfull for me to buy another course.

i just want to know, how i can see my already sorted tracks in lexicon without tags etc.

And about my second request.

sometimes i play on different setups on different partys, Pioneer, Serato, or Denon.
Pioneer and Denon are Standallones, so dont want to use all of those software on my computer just to play on their hardware.

but if I’m going to export files from lexicon to denon, for example, it shows an error because there is no software found.

What do you mean with “already sorted tracks”?
You have the track browser (main Lexicon screen) where all your tracks are. There you can sort (click on a column header, eg “TITLE”). And to see more columns, you can right click there.

For Denon, you don’t need to install Engine DJ desktop. When you go to the Sync screen in Lexicon and select Engine DJ, you will see a “Target Drive” option. Select your Denon USB (or empty USB, must be exFAT or FAT32 formatted) or have your Denon hardware in Computer Mode and it should appear there. Choose one and sync to that. Then you can use that USB or Denon device directly.

Ok, I Think to be more specific.

I’ve got thousands of tracks, which i download in different years.
My Folder structure is sorted by year, not the producing year, the year add those tracks, this works well better for me.
So first year, in every folder are subfolders with genres but also with kind of fantasy genres.
And then there are another level of subfolders with specialized Genres or meanings, which work for me.

So there are 3 levels of folders in a tree. A completely normal way to do things like in every other program, this is nothing special.
Playlists I use only when I need to play on CDJs or something.
And then I want to create a new playlist, out of my Music, which I stored in a very good working Folder structure, but I don’t have any chance to see them in LExicon?! I’m Sorry but that’s an absolute basic feature.

How should I use Lexicon now? do I have to create hundreds of playlists in Traktor with all my music first? This would destroy my structure because all playlists are shown in one folder.
Do I need to tag about 30,000 tracks in Traktor with the “right Genre”, and what if those tracks are in more than one folder?
All of that would make Lexicon useless for me, because isn’t it the perfect program for organizing?
What are all the fancy features for, if cannot simply find my Music??
Sorry, but that’s a little ridiculous to charge 15€ just to switch my Library from Traktor to Recordbox.

And by the way Recordbox, or better Engine.
It is not possible to export to engine without the engine software on my pc. “no engine data found” is the message.

I only want to play on a Denon Sc5000, or on a CDJ, and cannot export my library without having this software, why?

I am sorry for my tone, but I’m really frustrated to be forced to other, more complicated methods without having a choice.