Write from tag to field using recipe

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The ability to write from tags to a field. There is already a recipe to write from field to tag. Looking for the ability to do this in reverse.

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Allows a simple way to both tag in Lexicon and write tags to the file easily independent of field mapping during sync.

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Not that I know of.

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Currently, I tag in Lexicon, field map, then sync to serato DJ, then sync the playlist back from Serato with the now written fields, then save fields to the file. Hoping to cut out the middle steps.

If you want to write your custom tags to ID3 tags, Field Mappings are the way to go.

I got that part…But I was speaking more of simply copying the tags to a field inside of Lexicon. For example, I know I can type #Clean #HipHop in the comment field, then use a recipe to copy this to the tag. I was just asking for the same thing in reverse to save time inside of Lexicon. If it’s not feasible, no worries.

Isn’t that what the field mapping is for? You can convert custom tags to #Clean #Hiphop that way. At least when you write it to the file.

If you want to go from custom tags to comment inside Lexicon then you could use the above and use Reload Tags afterwards

I think I see what you are getting at…let me try something. My understanding of field mappings was that it only wrote to the specified field when you sync it to your DJ software, but the field was still blank in Lexicon. Didn’t think about the reload tags. Let me see if that does what I’m thinking.

Good sir, that was EXACTLY what I was thinking of. You are a GENIUS!!! I’m still getting the hang of this, but I think Lexicon is where I am managing music moving forward. I’ll start another topic with another question. Thanks for the speedy response.

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