Writing metadata from Lexicon into music files

Good day.
I am very new to Lexicon. My apologies in advance if I am not posting in the correct section or if there is an existing post about the same topic already.
My question: I am editing the tracks’ information (genre, year, name, etc) inside Lexicon but it doesn’t seem to be writing this information into the music files. In other words, I spend some time editing the tracks details in Lexicon but when I re-import the same files it doesn’t seem to show the previously edited details, like genre, for example.
When I edit song details in Rekordbox, it automatically overwrites it in the music files to show the new details. Even when I open the music file through another app, the edited details reflect.
Is it possible to do the same thing with Lexicon?

Lexicon doesn’t write to the music files by default. If you want that, you can right click the tracks → Use → Write Tags To File.

If your goal is to see your changes in Rekordbox, then the normal way to do that is by Syncing to Rekordbox.

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Thank you very much!
This is precisely what I was hoping to find.
Kindest regards.

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