Wrong Cue Points in Engine DJ

On MacOS Monterey 12.1 (iMac M1), with Lexicon v. 0.3.36 when I generate CUE POINTS for my entire library (4000 tracks), after syncing with the Engine DJ v. 2.1.0, the CUE POINTS for some tracks are wrong. See screen.

If the tracks with wrong CUE POINTS are re-analyzed individually with Lexicon and re-synced with Engine, the problem is solved!

I have uploaded log.

Hi! Thanks for reporting this, very interesting bug.

Can you upload the Scatman’s World track here? Seems like there might be something wrong with it

I prefer to send it privately (for a copyright issue)
However, the problem is evident on many tracks when massively analyzed.
If you re-analyze individually the generated CUE POINTS are correct!

You can upload directly to me using this link

Just sent!
I added 2 more files

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I really don’t know what happened here but it’s not the Engine exporter.

The track is 121 seconds (even in VLC) and here the cue point generator adds cues in the right places.

But it seems in your case, the cues were added in places that are beyond the 121 seconds. I’m seeing a cue at 300 seconds.

Can you tell me what steps you went through in Lexicon with this track? Maybe you relocated it or something?

The problem is NOT the single track (also because there are many others with wrong CUEs).
In my opinion the problem occurs because I have analyzed the entire library with 4000 tracks.
Even in Lexicon the badly analyzed tracks do not respond well to the set “hot cues”.
Once individually re-analyzed, they work in both Lexicon and Engine.
If I have been unclear, I am sending you an explanatory video.

I understand, I just don’t know where this is coming from. It’s not Engine related though.

So something else going wrong somewhere that adds cues beyond the allowed duration, just never seen something like before

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