''Your collection is invalid and could not be read. It has been renamed and a new collection has been created''

So, I imported everything from traktor to lexicon. Then i tried to sync everything to RB. Which did not work. Under the XML tab in recordbox there was simply nothing under either tracks or playlists. This could totally be a misunderstanding on my part as I have 0 experience with RB.


As I thought maybe I did something wrong, I tried syncing to traktor in Lexicon. And what happens when i open Traktor is what the title says. Now my whole collection, my playlists and all my settings in Traktor are completely gone. It’s all still in Lexicon, but when i try and sync traktor with Lexicon I just keep getting the same message.

What do i do? I understand it’s probably me being stupid, but rn I just feel I paid money for deleting a lot of hard work.

Please help me.

First of all, start by making a Lexicon backup (top menu) just to keep all your data safe so you can always go back.

For the empty Traktor; normally a sync to Traktor should give you your Lexicon library in Traktor, as you would expect. You can try another sync to Traktor, since the Traktor collection is now empty so there is no harm doing that. If it gives the same “collection is invalid” error again, then something else is going on. If so, can you upload the Documents/Native Instruments/Traktor 3.../collection_invalid.nml file here? I’ll take a closer look and see why Traktor feels that it is broken. This would really help me fix that so it won’t happen again :slight_smile:

After that, there is always the backup that Lexicon makes for Traktor that you can restore, see this link under Traktor: Backups and how to restore them

As for RB, it sounds like you didn’t have RB point to the generated XML yet. See Rekordbox | Lexicon - DJ Library Management


Thanks for the support!

I’ve done the Lexicon backup, but I can’t seem to find a ‘‘collection_invalid.nml’’ file anywhere under that file path? Is it supposed to be there?

I will be traveling pretty hectically until tuesday unfortunately, I’ll check in before then if i can.

Thank you again for helping.


It’s on this path (different if your Traktor version is different). Mac has the same path.

The collection_backup_invalid.nml is what I meant

collection.nml is what Traktor and Lexicon actively use.

So i have a collection file there, which is just called collection. Though through properties I see it’s an nml file.
The weird thing is it says that it was last modified in 2019, and obviously I’ve added music and stuff since then.

I’m using Traktor version 2.11.3 17.

Also, figured I’d ask before I make things worse.
When I go through the guide on how to restore the backup I manually created in Lexicon, am I supposed to restore my Traktor collection THROUGH Lexicon or am I supposed to do it in Traktor?
Because when I try to do it through traktor with the file called main, found in documents/Lexicon/Backups, it doesn’t recognize the file, probably cuz it’s not an nml file?

I just wanna make sure before I try things, so am I supposed to restore this backup to my Traktor THROUGH Lexicon?

Thanks for the patience

I’ve found the file. There were several, this is the latest one.

collection_backup_invalid (3).nml (1.3 MB)

No, just replace the colletion.nml file with the one from the backup. That’s all there is to it

I’ll take a look at the invalid NML and try to bring out a fix

Ok so I replaced the collection.nml file with the Lexicon main file that I created manually. And it does import a collection, but only the base collection you get from Traktor when you start using the program for the first time. My whole collection along with playlists and everything is still in Lexicon though? It doesnt seem to stick to the main file?

Alright cheers man, really appreciating the help

Not sure what you mean by main file. If you mean main.db, then that is the wrong file.

In your Traktor folder (where your collection.nml is), you will find a Lexicon folder, look in there for NML backups

I tested your invalid NML but my Traktor has no problem with it and it just works. What Traktor version are you on? Are you on the latest?

Ok so I managed to get my collection restored, but settings, layout, and playlists didn’t get restored. I know traktor has a different way of restoring settings and layout, is this something Lexicon backs up as well?
Though, shouldn’t the playlists have been restored along with the collection restoration?


Settings and layout is not changed by Lexicon. Lexicon only changes the NML file that contains your tracks, cues, grids, playlists, smart playlists.

Lexicon doesn’t back that up since it doesn’t touch them. But it might still be in a different Traktor folder? Check Documents/Native Instruments

I’m on Traktor 3.7.1 btw, the latest, so that may explain why we’re getting different results

It’s ok, i managed to get the playlists back as well. Settings doesn’t really matter.

Now I wanna try and give the RB sync another go. And I’m trying to follow the guide, nad it says to turn autoanalyze off, so it doesn’t mess up your grid. But there is no option for this? I mean i don’t see that option at all where I’m supposed to?

A bit stupid maybe, but in settings i see my RB is on version 5.6.0. I’m guessing that means i’m on rekordbox 5?

Yes you are on RB 5 then, so you have to use the XML to get your tracks into RB.

For RB 5 you can keep auto analyze on if you want, it’s not important there.

I think I’ve managed finally. Thanks for the patience and the support Christian, I’ve believed in the idea since recordcloud, cool to see things working. Again, thank you!

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Just one more question. So, let’s say I’m supposed to play at a place that uses rekordbox, like cdjs or whatever. And i bring a usb. Will my music files just automatically be synced with rekordbox now or what? Do i have to do anyhting to have files be sycnhed with RB when i put it on a usb?
Hope you get what i mean thanks

Once your tracks and playlists are in Rekordbox, you can export them to a Pioneer compatible USB. Just right click and playlist and choose Export. You can also use the Sync Mananger in RB, but I never use it.

There’s lots of info about that online, everyone that uses Pioneer equipment does it that way

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