Bad folder and playlist structure on playlist delete - new info

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Lexicon version: 1.3.9.
**Operating system **: Windows & Mac

Bug description:
I recently reordered and deleted some playlists, and I encountered the dreaded bug where after the sync, the folders which contained a deleted playlist all are empty, and the top playlist in the same folder contains all tracks inside that folder. I have fiddled around with it and came up with some new information that might be helpful and which leads me to believe that it may be a lexicon bug after all.

Here is the symptoms:

  • Deleted playlists are gone as expected
  • Folders which contained deleted playlists do appear to be empty when looking at their tracks
  • The playlists in the folder are in the wrong order compared to lexicon. New playlists specifically are at the very bottom. This also happens as an isolated problem after export for me regularly
  • The top playlist of the folder contains all tracks that the folder contains (i.e. the sum off all tracks of all playlists in that folder)

Here is what I learned:

  • Contrary to previous times I encountered the bug, deleting my engine library completely (on the stick and on all hard drives) and then syncing again from lexicon did NOT solve the problem.
  • Specifically, before syncing, the engine library in engine desktop was completely empty.
  • I tried a trick I saw on this forum, creating a “Master” playlist at the very top of the folder and syncing again, with the aim to contain the wrongly added files inside that playlist. This did nothing.
  • However, I opened engine Desktop and realized the playlists inside the folder where in the wrong order. All newly added playlists where at the bottom of the folder, a problem I encountered multiple times previously. The Master playlist especially was at the very bottom and empty.
  • In Engine Desktop, I reordered the playlists inside the folder and deleted the empty Master crate
  • On eject, the stick behaved correctly. The top folders loaded there files, and even the top playlist, which contained all the files in the folder previously, only contained the files it should. I did not perform any manual operations on this playlist.

This leads me to think there is a problem in lexicon, otherwise the problem should not have occurred on an empty engine library. Apparently, the problem can be fixed by reordering the playlists manually.

Step by step to reproduce:

I don’t know when exactly the bug rears it’s ugly head. But I have have two engine library versions, one with the bug occurring, and one after fixing it manually which I can submit.


Edit: This is the original thread Engine Parent Crates Empty After Export From Lexicon - #12 by djductape

Can you upload both those databases?

I’ll compare them and let you know what I find

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@Keno Did you have those databases for me? I didn’t see the upload yet. Would love to be able to fix this annoying issue :slight_smile:

Sorry, I did more testing and the behaviour vanished, literally no idea why. If I ever encounter something similar again, i’ll update. I have a hunch that it has something to do with merging playlist structures from different volumes.

The one thing I can reliably recreate is that dragging the playlists to their correct position in engine is required for new playlists, and I think this maybe (maybe!) in conjunction with the fact that my mp3s live on an additional partition and that playlist structures get saved on different volumes.

If I encounter it again, I will update.

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I think I finally have a useful export. Here’s what I found:
I did an initial export on a freshly formatted drive. I opened engine dj to analyse the tracks and to refresh album art. I did not open any folders or playlists on drive. I closed Engine dj and ejected the USB. Result: Using this on hardware (!) results in the bug, for example on mobileDJ/Top. All tracks that are in MobileDJ also are in MobileDJ/Top.

Next I opened it again on Engine dj, selected the drive, and opened the top playlist. Observation: Only the tracks that should be are in the folder. So engine Desktop reads the tree differently than Engine Prime OS. I closed engine DJ again, ejected the drive, and the stick now behaves correctly in on the Prime Go. I uploaded this as Database

So apparently, opening the folder with Engine Desktop somehow fixed the problem - which is why it disappeared on me the last times I tried to find the problem. I assume that these two databases now have a delta that explains the bug, I made sure to not (knowingly) change anything else.

PS: The uploader warned me that sending zip files may corrupt them, let me know if you have trouble reading the files and I’ll upload to my server and send you a link.

Gave them a thorough look and even created a new database with the same problem and one without. Other than Engine updating the IDs, they are identical. I have no idea what is causing this bug

Incredible. So you are seeing the same behaviour that I did? That would at least indicate that it’s reproducible now.

edit: Do you have one single partition or multiple partitions with mp3s?

Yeah, seeing the same bug here on my Prime 2. So definitely reproducible now.

I just have the one partition on my Prime.

Not sure if you are comfortable going into the Engine database but you could take a look. Maybe a set of fresh eyes notices something I don’t. The two databases I have now are nearly identical. That’s the odd part though, I think it’s something Engine is doing internally but I don’t know what or why…

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