Beta 1.1.11 can crash hardware on songs with multiple markers

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Lexicon version: 1.1.11 Beta 4
Operating system: Mac

Bug description:
After the nw update, some songs with multiple markers cause my prime 4 to stop playback and even to become unresponsive/freeze. It appears this happens around additional beatgrid markers. I’m uploading my library together with two songs that cause this behaviour. The crash happens very early in Hot Buttered Popcorn, and after the siren buildup in Rockafeller skank. The crash happens on Engine 2.1 and the new 2.2 Firmware.

Step by step to reproduce:
Load the track and let it play back until it passes an offending beatmarker

If this is about a DJ app, please also add screenshots of the problem in that DJ app.

Crash happens also in Engine DJ Desktop. It seems to me that playback enters a super tiny loop, since engine emits a high pitched sound and the playhead stutters on the new marker, becoming unresponsive in the progress (don’t turn up your volume to high if you value your ears). You can find examples in TestA/multimarker in my library export.

Thanks! I’ll look into it and release a new beta version soon

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There is a new beta version that addresses this bug

Thank you! I can confirm that some tracks are fixed (Popcorn works now), but it persists for others. The Rockafeller skank for example still freezes engine DJ. Would it help you if I identify and upload a few more?

Yep absolutely. I checked Popcorn and assumed the rest would also be fixed so more examples would help. Can you also mention where (seconds) in the track it crashes? Saves me some times searching for the moment

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