Cue point generator: unselecting “overwrite existing cue points” doesn’t create cue points

Lexicon version: 1.4.0
Operating system: Mac

Bug description:
Same bug as described here:

Step by step to reproduce:
Right click on any track, “Use”, “Generate cue points”.
In the “Generate cue points” window uncheck “overwite existing cue points”.
When you press “Start” the process immediately finishes and no cue points are set.
I tried both the “Drop detection” and “Musical change” Algorithm, same problem for both.
I do not use custom Anchors.
This problem occurs for all my tracks that already have cue points.


Can you try the beta version? There has been a fix here that might be related. You can switch to the beta version in the Lexicon settings, at the bottom

Hi, unfortunately setting it to beta did not fix it for me, I also restarted the app after changing the setting to beta.
Every time I press start the task immediately finishes and no cue points are set.
It only works when I remove all cue points, I will change my initial description, it works in the stable and beta version for tracks with no cue points but I only want to use it for tracks that already have cue points.

My goal is to add extra cue points with the “Musical change” algorithm without overwriting the cue points set with the “Drop detection” algorithm. I usually start with generating cue points with the “Drop Detection” but it doesn’t always set the cue point in the intro/start of my track.
For those tracks I use the “Musical change” algorithm to generate the cue points that are missing but it doesn’t work if “overwrite existing cue points” is unchecked, removing the other cue points is not an option for me.

You can’t add cue points, only replace them. So the option works as expected.

If you want to generate cues only for tracks that already have cues, you can create a smartlist with the Cue points equals 0 rule. It will still replace all cues though, not just add.

Ok thank you for the explanation, if it’s only for replacing cue points then the option works as expected.
Is adding cue points (instead of replacing) a possible feature for the future?

I’m asking because I have a lot of tracks where the cue points “after start” are not created when I use the “Drop Detection” Algorithm. My template creates cue points after start and also before breakdown or on the outro/end. Often none of the start cue points are created, only the cue points for the breakdown or outro.
If I set the algorithm to “Musical change” then it creates the cue points I need in the intro section but I can’t use this to create cue point at the breakdown/drop/outro.
The option to add cue points without replacing existing cue points would be a possible solution in my case, I would generate 2 types of cue points (one with “drop detection” and the others with “musical change”)

I don’t think the combination would be much used, but maybe custom cue anchors are good for your situation? Not sure if you’ve looked into them already. See Guide: the fastest way to set your cues | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

I’m not sure I completely understand the custom anchor cues but how I see it (after reading) is that you manually set some of the important cues which will help Lexicon to generate the other cues (of your template) much faster and more accurate.
This is a nice feature but it would not be possible in my case because I didn’t set any cues points manually for these tracks.

My goal was to use the generator for my dance/house playlists, these tracks only have 1 cue point at the start of each track but I don’t have the time to set the other cue points manually.
The cue point generator (with drop detection) works well except for the first 3 or 4 cue points (start of the track + 8 and 16 beats after the start). I don’t think it’s the quality of my music files, most of them are recent EDM tracks bought via Beatport.
I also tried on Windows and Mac (beta and stable), I always have the same result.

Yeah that is what custom cue anchors do, thought it might be useful for you.

The cue point generator is not always right so that’s as much as it can do…

The custom cue anchers might be useful in the future for me but I don’t have enough cue points in my tracks to start using the function right now. Cue points didn’t exist back in the days when I started deejaying, I only recently started deejaying again after years of absence, my library is up to date but I still need to set cue points for all my tracks. For now I’m setting cue points manually for any new tracks or for the tracks that I prepare for a set. I still have thousands of songs without any cue point, I’m looking for a temporary solution to set some basic cues automatically (and adjust them manually later), Lexicon helps me a lot in this process.

I understand the limitations of the cue point generator but both algorithms combined would be much more powerful because the musical change algorithm can find cue points that are skipped by the drop detection algorithm. I find it strange this combination is not being requested by more users, I don’t know any other software that can do it, mixed in keys only has 1 algorithm.

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