Generate cue points: unselecting "overwrite existing cue points" doesn't work

Please fill in this bug report template:

Lexicon version: 1.1.19
Operating system: Windows

Bug description:
Generate cue points: unselecting “overwrite existing cue points” doesn’t work. It doesn’t add any cue points to existing ones.

Step by step to reproduce:

  • Generate cue points with drop detection
  • Same track: generate cue points with musical change, but unselecting “overwrite existing cue points” > looks like there’s no processing at all, it’s immediately finished, and there’re no new cue points added (and it should because if I don’t uncheck “overwrite”, I can see many different cue points).

Not needed.


Can you give me a screenshot of your cue point generator settings? Including advanced settings.

Maybe you have Custom Cue Anchors enabled? That causes it to instant finish

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