Cues randomly shifted in Rekordbox 5

Lexicon version: 0.3.39
Operating system: Windows

Bug description
I manually corrected the grids on every track in my collection (except for a few that do not have a grid per se). The reason is that some of the grids / cues were shifted after importing the collection into LXC. After doing this, I used the Quantize cues recipe to sync them with the grid.
I also made sure to use the Beatshift Correction tool just in case, the message was that a only couple grids were corrected (maybe around 20 of 1k+). After this there is no beatshift correction needed supposedly.

When syncing the collection to RB5, the cues seem to be shifted, most of them are delayed, but some are shifted ‘forward’ (to the left). I also noticed some cues are shifted in Lexicon, but that’s a very small number of them and seems to be the ‘forward’ shifted ones only.

When I try to play the track in LXC, if I use any of the cues, the playback starts from the position they’re in in RB even though LXC seems to show them at the correct position. When I just use the “Cue” button from the same position, the track plays synced with the grid.
Attaching screenshots of the same track in RB and LXC. Strangely enough the first cue is shifted ‘forward’ in both RB and LXC but if I use it in LXC, the playback starts delayed compared to the grid - same as the rest of the cues. In RB playback starts where the cue really is.

Wasn’t sure if I should upload the database so please let me know if it’s needed.

Thank you for all the support!

A screenshot of same track, left pair is the first cue, right pair is just a random next cue, all except the first one are the same as the other one.
RB above, LXC below.

Can you try deleting this track from LXC, then add it again and set the same cues. Then run the beatshift scan and see how the cues look in RB.

I’m wondering if this might be because the track was originally imported from RB, so with the above test we can check that.

I tried this but the only thing that changed is the location of the first cue, likely just because I set it manually without Cue Quantize recipe…
All the cues seem correctly positioned in LXC but playback is still messed up and RB shows the cues (and grid) the same way as before. The first cue is now delayed in RB like all the other cues are.
Beatshift correction was apparently not needed even after adding the song again directly from my music folder.

Can you upload this track to me? I’ll test it here
Upload link

Done, but I just wanted to make sure that it’s clear that this affects most of my tracks. Thanks for the help so far!

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If the cue’s & grid are in order in lexicon…


  • 1 Go to the Utility tab on top => Other => Beatshift Utility.
  • 2 Select the whole batch => rightmousebutton => Analyse
  • 3 Select the whole batch => rightmousebutton => Edit => Switch to recipes => Round BPM
  • 4 Select the whole batch => rightmousebutton => Edit => Switch to recipes => Quantize Cues
  • 5 Select the whole batch => rightmousebutton => Edit => Switch to recipes => Quantize Beatgrid


when this is done you just need to sync it to a RB XML again…

It worked for me, hopefully for you too.

@mdmartin can you also upload your database? From the Help menu

@Christiaan I uploaded the database now, with this topic’s link.

@N.D.M Thanks for the tips but I followed all the steps and nothing seems to have changed.

Okay I think the problem is old beatshift information from a Lexicon version with the buggy beatshift scanner. I removed all the beatshift info for you, here is the updated database.

You can restore that backup into Lexicon and then run the beatshift scan again. It should then add the correct results. You might still see a shift in cues but that will be a one time offset that you can fix with the Shift Cues/Beatgrid recipe. It will probably be either 26ms or 51ms. So still a few steps to get the right results but this problem has happened to other users before and it can be fixed.

But it seems Christiaan came to the rescue

So I followed what you said:
Downloaded the database, restored the backup from it, run beatshift correction tool (it did a full 0-100% load but no corrections were needed), synced the library with RB to check.

Seems that there’s no change as:
LXC still shows all cues on grid, but playback starts slightly delayed (this really is not an issue, just wanted to mention it).
In RB some tracks still correct, some still have the grids moved forward, some have them delayed and the same goes for cues.
The shifts in RB don’t seem consistent - I’d say there might be 3-4 different amounts the grid / cues are shifted, can’t really tell as all of these are 0,1 sec max and RB doesn’t show any values less than that. Also not consistent in that some tracks only have the grid shifted, some only cues and some have both shifted in different amounts (or even in sync).

I have not tried the shift cue / beatgrid recipe yet as there’s no way to know how much each track needs to have them shifted, or whether it needs any shifts at all. The only way I can see this is by loading each track into RB.

There are different shift amounts, that’s correct. But the scanner not detecting any tracks is weird. It should definitely find some in your library.

Can you reset the app, then scan again? Then upload the database again and I’ll take another look

Tried this, if by resetting the app you mean restarting it. Database was uploaded too.

I mean resetting the app from the Help menu. Sorry, I forgot that last part.
I don’t see any beatshift info added to your last uploaded database yet so the scan did not go through properly.

No problem at all. Tried this, beatshift correction was supposedly done on 899 tracks, but seemingly no other changes in LXC or RB.

Can you upload the database again?

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Sure thing, it’s done now!

The database seems to be correct now, there is beatshift info. Are most of your tracks from the same source? Because I’m seeing one particular beatshift a lot, usually it’s not that many but if a lot (~900) of those tracks come from exactly the same source, then it can make sense.

Also you do right click tracks to import into RB5 right? Not just playlists. Keep in mind the XML import bug in RB.

Yes I’m sure most of them are from the same source, tho I wouldn’t have said its that many (but I’m not gonna argue with that :D).
If you can see the shifts without having the tracks themselves, is there a way for me to know the shift amount for each track? Like if you share that info somehow, not sure…

And yes I import all the tracks themselves, I also just “reload” the XML path in RB just in case that helps to refresh it.

Also if I do the cue / grid shift recipe in LXC, doesn’t that actually shift them in LXC too? Asking this because in LXC they are correct.