Distorded Serato Auto Gain

Hi Christiaan,
would “Made a change in the Serato exporter to ensure tracks are not always re-analyzed in Serato”
have anything to do with me having to go into the serato screen every time I load a track and bring the auto gain knob almost all the way down to prevent distortion? Not all of my tracks are being auto gained now for some reason and even the ones that are, are ridiculously distorted unless I bring the gain down to about 8 o’clock. This is in the software not on my controller and is resulting in me losing tons of headroom and volume.
I’ve already change my autogain setting to the quietest.
Any ideas why this could be happening?
Could Serato be reading from multiple data and getting confused?
Anyway, it may be more of a Serato question and I will go and ask them now also but just wanted to ask about that line in the latest update and see if you might have any ideas.

Not that I know of, in fact it should be less of an issue because Serato was auto analyzing tracks too often without this change.

I don’t remember making any changes to gains in Serato so can’t really say what is happening.

Thanks for the reply.

I decided to reanalyze the whole library in Serato with Beatgrid and Key off to hopefully fix this. When it’s done, will I need to do anything in Lexicon before doing any prep for this weekend and syncing back to Serato? Not sure if you remember but my library lives in Dropbox and syncs between my Main DJ laptop, backup laptop and my studio prep desktop so when it’s finished, I’ll just wait for Dropbox to finishes syncing before doing any work in Lexicon.

Yeah that is probably smart. If Dropbox is not done syncing and you run a sync from Lexicon on the other computer, there will be conflicts

Yeah, I realize that, just wondering if I need to reimport to Lexicon or will lexicon already be using those reanalyzed in Serato files? I think the autogain information is attached to the song file.

You do need that autogain info in Lexicon, it only goes into Lexicon when you import.

I think if you sync right away on the other computer, it will lose the autogain info because it’s not in Lexicon yet

Okay, thank you. So I should do a full import with merge on then.

Can you tell me if I’m right about the auto gain info being embedded in the track? After my music is finished syncing in Dropbox and before I reimport on my main prep desktop, is that going to bring the right autogain info into LXN? I can’t simply import Serato from the Dj laptop where I reanalyzed the whole library to Lexicon on that DJ laptop and create a backup and grab that on the desktop because I’m pretty sure I’ll be left with all empty crates. I’ve tried doing that with one crate before to get an updated version of a crate into lexicon after a gig. I always need to go and create the requests crate in lexicon on the prep desktop and add the songs that were requested in that way every week.

I reanalyzed my Serato library in Serato on my DJ laptop and then opened Dropbox so the music could sync back to my prep Desktop Dropbox. Now I am going to reimport my Serato library from my desktop to lexicon on that desktop. Is this going to work or am I going to have to go into Serato on the desktop and reanalyze there first and then reimport the Serato library into LXN on the desktop?
Or will Lexicon pickup the autogain info from the actual music file?

Autogain info is saved on the file so if you import that, then Lexicon should know it. Maybe test with a small crate?


I was just about to pull the trigger and thought I would try import my serato library to LXN on my DJ laptop first and then planned to create a backup and restore to that on the Prep desktop but There are no songs in any playlist inside lxn on the DJ laptop after doing a full Serato import. Any ideas?

This could be the reason for my other issue going back to the prep laptop with tracks added to a crate during a gig. After event with changes made in Serato

Just tried again with Merge off, same thing, blank playlists.

Do you think I’m okay to import serato into lexicon on the prep desktop where the serato library was not reanalyzed from and then send that back to the DJ laptop through a cloud backup. (Restore)

I can’t really say without fully understanding the situation, but getting your Lexicon playlists from one computer to another I would always do it with a backup restore because then you know for sure everything is there.

You just might need to use Find Lost Tracks to correct the paths or set up a Local Path Mapping. But once the tracks are found, you can run a normal sync

That’s what I do and I have a path setup, I’ve done it this way for ages but still when I back up anything from the gig laptop and restore on the prep desktop, all playlists are empty and just last night found out that I can’t even import from Serato into LXN on that gig computer where the path is set. I get the same thing, all Empty playlists.

Anyway, I reimported serato into LXN on my prep desktop and just hit sync but I don’t think it’s going to bring my newly auto gained library, it looks like Dropbox is resyncing the whole music folder again which seems like it is using information from before reanalyzing in Serato on the gig laptop.

I don’t understand why playlists are empty after restoring a backup though, that should never happen. You literally get the same thing on the other computer where you restore the backup

I don’t know either. From my Prep to the DJ laptop is fine but in the other direction results in blanks.

So here is something I am noticing about the initial auto gain issue. Anything new that I am adding to Lexicon is not getting auto gained once I send to Serato, it just doesn’t activate, it is in the middle at 12 o’clock and white not down a bit and grey, indicating there is auto gain on a track.

Not sure why that is…