Export of a few song are not completely right

sync my last songs in mp3 format to rekordbox and the songs is loading again so I have 2 the same songs in my rekordbox library.

can anyone help me please

Can you give me a bit more info? How did you sync to RB, with the XML or the RB6 method?

What do your duplicate songs look like? I need to see what locations they have, they will be different

hey thanks for the reply.
Sync with the RB6 Method.
It’s just when I want to add the song it looks like he duplicate the song without the tagging just te normal song.
the locations from the songs are the same as in lexicon on rekordbox.

Okay thanks.
And if you look at both tracks in Rekordbox, what do their locations say? That is where I expect a difference.

im uploaded a link where it is easy to see the problem

Can you show me the location of each of those duplicate tracks? Like you did in the video, but for the others too. Video like that was great.

It seems like they are the same location.

Sorry for the late response.

Is this happening to all your tracks or only some? What I’m seeing is that it has Tiësto in it, characters like ë can be problematic in Rekordbox where it can cause duplicates.
So on other duplicates, does the location of the track also include a character like that? Any character with an accent or something on top of it.

Can you upload your Rekordbox database file? You can find the file (master.db) here Lexicon with Rekordbox 6 write support and you can upload with this link.
I’ll respond faster next time :wink:


I can’t find the location of the master.dbx file.

help is welcome

You might need to show hidden files to see the Library folder on mac.

In Finder use the Go menu → Home and then show hidden files and you should see the Library folder and you can go from there. See the last forum post link

and what are you going to do now?

I checked your database.

I only see these 2:

Similar but different files.

And when I use your database in my own Rekordbox, I only see the 2:

So as far as I can tell right now, everything looks normal.

yes I know but when I load it in my rekordbox they are duplicated in my libary

its because I sync lexicon to rekordbox

Can you make another video of that happening? So first no duplicates, then loading a track and a duplicate appears? I’ve never seen RB do that before yet

I tried it with the last track I know that had this problem.

Both those tracks have an accented character, I think that is the reason. Someone else reported the same issue, exactly like this only happening with tracks that have an accented character somewhere in their location. So I think this is the same problem.
I still have to look at that problem and fix it, but I will get to it.

oke perfect thanks for the really great support you have bring with lexicon.
I would pay only 15 dollar for the support only.
So if I have it right there is coming a update that recognises this fault with special charaters.

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Yes, it’s coming. Maybe I can get it in the release next week, otherwise it will be a few weeks later.

Can you send me your master.db file once more? I can’t reproduce the problem without it.

Upload link