Exporting playlist in rekordbox doesn't work for lexicon playlists

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Lexicon version: 1.1.3.
Operating system: Windows

Bug description:
Exported a playlist from Lexicon to rekordbox, after opening rekordbox, analysis of tracks started. When exporting (via sync manager) in rekordbox, the playlist is empty, files are visible in “all tracks” but do not contain a preview (it looks if they are not analysed)
(example) error log:
[4] Links Rechts D:/DNHD2500/dld/Carnaval/Deutsch/Mickie Krause - Links Rechts.mp3 C:/Users/win8/AppData/Roaming/Pioneer/rekordbox/share/PIONEER/USBANLZ/000/29208d2a-550c-48b2-8607-0c698de742ce/ANLZ0000.DAT ***

[4] - Track analysis data is corrupted or doesn’t exist.

If I create (manually) a playlist in rekordbox and drop some files, analyse them and then export it to a USB -stick, it all works fine. My playlist contains tracks and all files are analysed properly.

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Thanks, I’m aware of this bug but have not yet figured out the cause.
Can you upload your Rekordbox database file? You can see here where to find it: Lexicon with Rekordbox 6 write support

You can upload using this link

Meanwhile, you can use the old XML method to import tracks into RB, that still works.

I have the same bug. Even using XML to import tracks results in the same “corrupted track analyses”.

Threw me off at a set today! Beat matched by ear but still… Hopefully a fix comes out real soon because I’m not really sure how to fix it locally.
It seems like whatever I do, the glitch follows all my tracks.

Otherwise loving Lexicon!

Yeah totally understand, it’s my top priority at the moment but it appears to be something internally in RB that is causing it so having a hard time figuring it out. But I’m still on it.

I tried to analyse all my tracks in RB (just dropping them in my collection) before exporting a playlist from LC to RB, hoping that the issue was solved. Infortunately the problem still persists.

I’m still investigating it but if you notice any change in the behavior, do let me know. This is a very weird and hard to find bug. It is definitely something in RB and I can’t tell what exactly because of the generic error message.

on my Macbook it works as designed. Unfortunately I have my main Lexicon database on my Windows PC, so if I’d like to use it on my mac I first need to mirror my internal harddisk containing the mp3s to an external drive, I need to analyse all my files on my macbook and I need to change the filepaths in Lexicon

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