File format not supported after a lexicon backup

So I did a back up of my Rekordbox library and now i have hundreds of audio and video files that won’t play with these red marks which mean track cannot be played and that file format is not supported. They all play just fine before. All features are now locked. How and why did this happen, and how do I fix it? Thanks!

You restored an older Rekordbox backup?

Maybe RB is looking for your tracks on an external drive that now has a different name/letter? Check where it think your tracks are

No, they have not been moved from where they were.

Then it would be the ornge exclamation point, not the red circle with the line through it.

Can you send a screenshot of that?

Can you upload your RB database? You can find the location here: Lexicon with Rekordbox 6 write support
You can upload with this link.

And can you also upload your Lexicon database? From the Help menu, it’s just one click.

Mention this forum topic in both descriptions please.