Give more options for custom shortcuts

There is 20 custom shortcuts / hotkeys in Lexicon. If you could make it possible to make possible to make as much shortcuts / hotkeys as we want, that would be real magic for tagging. I need at least 50 of them to be able to tag realy fast and efficiently.


Which shortcuts do you mean specifically?

Hi Christian,

I mean "Add tag(s) assigned to shortcut “x”

ut 11. 7. 2023 o 12:30 Christiaan via Lexicon <> napísal(a):

Thanks for clarifying. I’ve been meaning to update that to work with any number, I’ll try and improve that

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Sounds perfect! Thank you and thumbs up! :slight_smile:

Dňa ut 11. 7. 2023, 23:03 Christiaan via Lexicon <> napísal(a):

Hi Chris,

I am also thinking that it could be really nice to be able to reach files on cloud through mobile application rather than downloading them to the local storage and then back to PC. That way both Mobile and PC / Mac app could be synchronized via cloud and it would be possible to edit much more tracks through mobile app. For me, I can now have at mobile only 60 tracks due to storage.

Keep it up! You’re doing a great job :slight_smile:

Dňa st 12. 7. 2023, 0:42 jakub cerulik <> napísal(a):

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Yep that’s a great idea and it’s on the mobile todo list :slight_smile:

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Definitely would love for this to be added :ok_hand:

Any updates on this? Would love to have more than 20 options, use it for my Stream Deck to tag genres and give ratings to tracks.

If you use streamdeck, you already have infinite options with the stream deck plugin. If you use the streamdeck to call hotkeys, then you are limited to what you can set up in the Lexicon hotkeys

Controlling Lexicon from your Stream Deck

I know, but I use the shortcuts to easily give a genre to a track and more than 20 possibilities will be nice here. Or am I missing something and is it possible?
I use it in this way:
When I press a Stream Deck button ‘Melodic’ it is linked to ‘Add Tags assigned to shortcut 2’ which is a custom tag ‘Melodic Techno’
Then I can easily export the custom tag field to Rekordbox ‘Genre’ field to have there the genres I use.

No, 20 is the limit on custom tag shortcuts right now