Ideal workflow for MIK cue points & Traktor grids to Rekordbox?


I recently subscribed to your awesome software suite! I was wondering how I’m able to achieve the following goals in my carefully maintained Rekordbox collection:

  1. Traktor’s best-in-class beatgrids
  2. Mixed In Key’s key analysis and automated cue points
  3. Use Lexicon to export my RB library on my Macbooks while using my desktop PC as main preparation device.

I was fiddling around with your software already a tad bit but encountered following issues:

  1. I tried exporting from Lexicon to Traktor to analyse there and export back but when I did so all cover art dissappeared so now I’m kinda afraid to export anything back. I presume the easiest way would be to start fresh in Traktor before exporting to Lexicon but I already did Smart Playlists in Lexicon, a feature that isn’t supported in Traktor, I presume?

  2. Is there a way to simply add the MIK analysis to the lexicon library?

  3. Being able to utilise lexicon to export on my performance devices would destroy the need for a subscription based RB profile.

  4. BTW, what does the upload function do?

Thx in advance for any tips!

If you only use Traktor for the beatgrid, it doesn’t matter that it won’t show album art. It’s still there, just not loaded in Traktor at that time.

I recommend using the Lexicon cue point generator because it has more options and makes the workflow simpler. If you do want to use MIK cues, you will need to send them to a DJ app before importing them into Lexicon. There is no way to directly import MIK cues into Lexicon.

You can easily get MIK Key analysis in Lexicon, see Guide: Using Mixed in Key with Lexicon | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

Lexicon can’t export directly to USBs for Pioneer devices yet, you will still need to use Rekordbox for that.

The upload function is part of the unlimited Cloud Storage where you can upload all your music as a backup.

Thx for the quick reply! So, the album art wouldn’t dissappear when I would re-export to Lexicon and my smart playlists within Lexicon would still be there? Is the Lexicon cue point detection on par with MIK’s? I know I can’t export to USB but I when I would install Lexicon on the macbook I use for DJ’ing, would my collection immediately be synced with the Lexicon preparation I did on my desktop PC?

Yes it’s just a display thing in Traktor, the album art is still there.

Personally I think LXC cues are better because you have more options and you can set custom cue points that work with how you want to DJ. You can give it a try by using the default settings. There is lots to tweak if you want.

You can use your Lexicon multiple computers but there is no auto sync. You would have backup & restore the Lexicon database to move it around. That’s not ideal but you can do it. This guide explains that: Guide: Moving Lexicon to another computer | Lexicon - DJ Library Management
I recommend getting familiar with Lexicon and your workflow before doing that though, it’s a bit complex.

OK, but when I have edited and exported my collection from Lexicon to RB, it will autosync on my macbook as well if everything goes according to plan with the cloud sync function.

Mmm, so now I’d have to manually select every folder/playlist and use the cue point tool to add markers to it? I also noticed that when bulk selecting, a lot of the tracks don’t get analysed at all. Is there something I’m doing wrong? Re-using the CUE-tool fixes this issue.

BTW, how can I verify that the traktor grids are actually implemented in the Lexicon collection?

In what way are they not getting analyzed? No cues are being added or no beatgrid?

You can verify Traktor beatgrids by setting a completely wrong beatgrid in Lexicon, then importing from Traktor and checking the grid in Lexicon.

No cues being added. The marker in front of the track that normalle shows up green and says ‘gridded & analysed’ also doesn’t show up at certain tracks, even though they seem to have grids and cue markers.

What kind of tracks are these? Just normal tracks or maybe really long or really short? Or streaming tracks?

Normal tracks, mostly manual conversion to 320 kbps MP3 from lossless source material.

Can you upload your Lexicon database & logs? From the Help menu. I’ll take a look


Are you moving tracks (to the Target Folder) while the generator is running?

And I’m also seeing a few errors indicating bad data: RuntimeError: Error opening 'E:/[Cloud Storage]/Dropbox/Rekordbox/COLLECTION/The Weeknd Feat. Daft Punk - Starboy (BEX Edit) - 8A - 93.mp3': File contains data in an unknown format.

Quite a lot of those actually

No. I’m not doing anything while analysing. What does that message mean? All those tracks work perfectly.

Can you send me the one in my last post? You can upload directly to me with this link:


OK, so I scanned the entire collection in Traktor, exported back to rekordbox but it didn’t transfer the traktor grids to my rekordbox. Beatgrid in Lexicon seems correct but not the one in RB.

There is something wrong with that track, this is the ffprobe (ffmpeg) output:

[mp3 @ 0x7f7e4980c600] Skipping 10 bytes of junk at 150071.
[mjpeg @ 0x7f7e4980de00] unable to decode APP fields: Invalid data found when processing input

Don’t know where they are from but that encoder is not right.
Nothing I can do about that in Lexicon.

And what about the grids? Is there a special step I should undertake to get traktor grids from lexicon in my rekordbox? Also, after the sync all my rekordbox tracks that were previously marked as being in the cloud aren’t anymore with no way of putting them back. They are still in exactly the same spot in my dropbox, though.

In which cloud? Rekordbox Cloud Sync?

To get Traktor grids, you import a playlist from Traktor with Specific Fields having Beatgrid enabled.