Importing from Engine DJ I get the grid shifted compared to the original one

Good morning everyone, I’m new here on Lexicon, I recently purchased the license and I’m starting to use it a few days ago, so forgive me if this problem of mine had already been solved in the past. :smiley:

I have all my tracks analyzed with Engine DJ Desktop, they all have the grid in place, some tracks have fixed grid while others have variable grid. Obviously I also have the Hot cues and loops set up.
I imported from Engine DJ to Lexicon, it seems to me that everything worked well, except that many tracks have the grid moved by about 1/8 of a beat compared to the track on EDJ Desktop.
I discovered that these tracks with misplaced grids are all tracks that have fixed grids and therefore do not have any “anchors” placed in them. Instead the tracks with variable BPM have some anchors that I placed with EDJ and they are also correct on Lexicon.
Now my question is: did I do something wrong during the import? Is there any SHIFT parameter that I should activate during import?

Hi there!
I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong :slight_smile:
Do you have screenshots showing the problem? That will help me here. And also screenshots of the different types of grids you are using, not quite sure what you mean there.

Example with NO dynamic grid (constant BPM for all track):

Instead when I have a track with variable BPM, I had to put anchors to lock the grid in place, I did this with Engine DJ. This is the result:

As you can see in the last track the grid is well aligned with the sound wave, exactly like in the original on Engine DJ.

What I’ve seen is that all tracks that have dynamic grid (i.e. with “Markers” as you call them on Lexicon), it has fine grid. Instead, the tracks with fixed BPM have a shifted grid as I show you in the first track. Not all fixed BPM ones are grid shifted, but many are.
It’s not a graphic effect because when I listen to them if I activate the “metronome” in the player I feel that the grid is actually not aligned like the original one was.

Can you upload those 2 tracks? I’ll give them a test here

You can upload with this link:

Ok I just sent the two tracks you requested. :+1:

@Christiaan I have now realized that the shifted grid also happens with some tracks that have “markers” placed, so what I wrote is not true, i.e. this:

I have now found a track that has variable BPM that I had edited with Engine DJ and which in it had a perfectly aligned grid, but which with Lexicon is shifted. It has some “markers”, but is not aligned. Look here:

I’m starting to suspect that what the tracks with the shifted grid have in common is the fact that they are MP4 files rather than MP3.

I will also send you this last track, so you can check it.

It’s the beatshift issue actually, can you try this version? Lexicon Installer 1.5.6 mp4 engine fix.exe - Google Drive
It has a fix for your mp4 files

Yes, now the tracks have the same grid as Engine DJ. Good job. :+1:

With the new version I get MP4 tracks with the right grid. But now when I try to automatically generate CUE Points I get this message:

My internet connection is working, it’s not very fast but it works. I also used the automatic search “Find tags & Album art” where I got Energy and other information, so the internet connection works. :thinking:

P.S.: With the previous version, it worked fine.

Try Cleanup from the Help menu, might help there. This error is not internet related though, the download is already done but extracting the dowloaded zip file failed, that can happen if a virus scanner blocks it. And sometimes a reboot can fix it too, windows can be weird.

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Now it’s OK, thanks!

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With version 1.5.8 the problem with MP4 files reappeared. Can you tell me that the problem was solved in that version?

In Lexicon:

The beats are slightly shifted compared to the original in EDJ, in which they are perfectly aligned. If I play the track on Lexicon with the metronome turned on, I clearly hear the off beat.

Can you try the beta version of Lexicon? There is a fix there for MP4/M4A files, not sure this is the exact same problem but could be.

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I installed the beta version 1.5.106, re-synced the library from EDJ to Lexicon (complete deletion), but the result did not change. There is always the misaligned grid. This is another example:

I thought that the version you sent me last time (this one) was already included in the most recent stable versions of Lexicon. :thinking: :thinking:

And if you try that specific fixed version again, is the grid okay?

No, I installed the 1.5.6 version you sent and nothing changed. :thinking: :thinking:

I also updated the beta to 1.5.107, I imported the EDJ DB from scratch but even with this version there is the grid problem with MP4 files

Those were the same MP4s you previously uploaded? Can you upload a few more? Just so I can test them too

I sent you two MP4s, the ones I wrote to you for example in the messages above.

I’m updating Lexicon today and that MP4 beatshift should be fixed. But it’s a weird one as there are other MP4s that need a different shift and I don’t know how to detect those yet. So this may change in the future again… Very annoying