Inaccurate Engine DJ Playlist

I reported this bug originally in this thread:

We originally determined it was a problem with Engine DJ, but I noticed something odd.

If I move the sub-crate “Bass” towards the very top of the list within the “Club House” crate, every single song in the crate will get dumped into Bass House. If I delete The “Bass” sub-crate, pushing “Dirty 122-125” to the top of the list, the exact same thing will happen. “Dirty 122-125” will have every single song in the sub-crate.

This only happens in Engine DJ.

I think this is an Engine bug too because I’ve seen this very weird behavior here too that I can’t explain with the database.

Especially because when you delete the Bass crate, then the same thing happens to the next crate, that tells me this is more likely an Engine bug. Because the database didn’t change.

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I think so, too.

A work-around for anyone else having this issue:

Create a “Master” sub-crate, then push it to the top of the list. That way your “Master” will fill with every track in the crate and the rest of the sub-crates will be left alone.


Can you confirm that this issue is indeed an Engine bug because I just wiped my Engine Library to try and fix this and synced directly to a clean external drive and completely bypassed Engine DJ on the desktop but I still have this same problem when I plug the drive into the Prime Go and whatsgoodjeffG’s work around doesn’t work for me.
I have a video I can upload to show there are no tracks in Lexicon in two playlists inside a folder playlist, yet when I go to the first playlist…it is showing every single track that is in another playlist that is further down the line and nothing to do with the two playlists or the folder playlist I am looking at.

Engine DJ desktop and Engine hardware has the same way of reading the database so a bug in one is probably in both

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It’s definitely an Engine DJ bug because people are complaining about it and other issues on their forums. Try updating to Engine 2.2.2 and see if that works.

You also have to create a new playlist in Lexicon, move it to the top within your folder, name it “Master”, put some songs in it (I don’t remember it working with an empty playlist), THEN sync to Engine DJ. It’s a bit of a process but you’ll only have to do it once until Denon figures out how to fix Engine DJ even though it released five years ago under Engine Prime.


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