Playlists in Engine DJ are inaccurate

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Lexicon version: 1.1.16
Operating system: MacOS Mojave

Bug description:

Some playlists do not import properly into Engine DJ. Some crates with multiple sub-crates do not display any of the songs within the sub-crates. Some sub-crates will contain every single song in the sub-category.

For example, let’s say I have a master crate for rap songs I like to play in nightclubs, and I have 7 playlists dividing all songs by BPM. Let’s also call this master crate Club Rap. Club Rap will have NO songs shown, but a sub-crate organized by BPM will have EVERY song that’s supposed to be in the master crate.

Step by step to reproduce:

Sync Lexicon database to Engine DJ. Removing the Engine DJ database does not fix the issue.


This screenshot shows the 20 or so songs in my Bass crate, which is a sub-crate of the Club House “master” crate.

This screenshot shows every song in the Club House “master” crate being shown in the Bass sub-crate. The Bass sub-crate should only have 20 songs, not almost 600. There are 600 songs in ALL of the sub-crates under the Club House “master” crate.

There are other “master” crates that aren’t displaying songs at all, but I haven’t noticed any other sub-crate containing the entire “master” crate.

I’ve seen this before but have not been able to reproduce it yet.

Is this also happening if you delete your Engine database file? So you get an empty library.
If it happens each time, maybe I can reproduce it with your Lexicon database

Yes. If I completely wipe my Engine Database file and re-sync, playlists are still inaccurate. I have also re-uploaded my Lexicon database just now.

I’m also using Engine DJ 2.2.0. I also tried to do this wit the latest version of Lexicon (as of me typing this), still happens.

This bug is quite elusive, even with your library I can’t reproduce it here. Tried it with other libraries before too but was never able to.

Are there any other Engine Library folders on any of your other drives or external drives? Playlists are also loaded from there and Engine combines them

There were some in my trash folder. What I like to do is I’ll delete the Engine Library folder from “Music”, then open Engine DJ to make sure there’s nothing there. Close it again, re-sync, open it again.

Just recently tried it again and it happened again. The Engine Library folder only exists in my “Music” folder on my laptop. No external storage devices, either.

I should note that Engine HATES it when you name multiple crates with similar names. If I have a “Bass House” crate in one folder, and a “Bass & Deep House” crate in another folder, sometimes Engine DJ thinks they’re the same and one will be completely screwed. That’s why in my screenshot it’s just simply “Bass”. Engine DJ is the ONLY software that does this.

I’ve deleted every “Engine Library” folder off the computer. I un-installed & re-installed Engine DJ 2.2.0. Still happens.

If I sync the playlist by itself, it works as normal but the master crate is still empty. Syncing the master crate doesn’t fix the issue. Similar issues happen if you have a master crate with a similar name to your sub-crate. For example, my “Pop Music” master crate is empty. I have a “Pop” sub-crate within it that’s full.

The weird part is that it doesn’t happen here… I don’t think it’s a Engine setting either, maybe one of the DJ apps integrations? That somehow they add tracks to the playlists.

Not sure if I’m following. Are you suggesting a separate DJ app’s integration could be influencing the Engine database?

I’m not sure, just thinking out loud a bit. Is there any DJ integration enabled in the Engine settings? I don’t have any enabled.

Actually, yes. I have Serato & Rekordbox enabled. However, turning those off didn’t fix the problem.

Can you send me your Engine Library folder? I’m not sure it will help me reproduce the problem but at least I can look inside it.
You can upload with this link

Done. I do find it odd my “Database” folder is named “Database2”…I’m going to keep looking for anything out of the ordinary. I did also realize my settings from uninstalling and re-installing Engine DJ didn’t change. It was as if I never uninstalled it.

That’s normal. The Database2 folder is the real database folder since Engine DJ. Before with Engine Prime, the db files were directly in Engine Library

Looking at your database, I’m pretty sure this is an Engine bug.

I’m seeing the same thing in my Engine with your database (club house empty, bass house ~500 tracks).

Then when I inspect the database file, I see club house having ~500 playlist entries and bass house 19.

So for some reason, Engine just displays something completely different than what is in the database.

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I had a feeling this was an Engine bug instead of a Lexicon bug considering, as stated a while back, I only see this in Engine DJ. None of the “Big 3” exhibit this behavior. Thanks for looking into it!

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No problem :slight_smile:

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