Issue after syncing back to Engine

After syncing back from Lexicon to Engine
2 big directory containing multiple playlist had 2 issues:

  1. From main directory you can’t read all songs contained in, as before was possible
  2. all songs that were visible form the main directory now are copied in the first playlist of the tree of playlist

What can i do to solve this?

i have the very same issue here.

had a tricky solution
you have to create in engine a new main directory and drag all old playlist in.
Example, i had problem with “House 2019”
I created in Engine “House 2019x” then i drag one by one all playlist that were in “House 2019” in “House 2019X”. Then when “House 2019” is empty, you can cancel it.
It should work

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cool you found a way… but let’s face it, it shouldn’t be this way…

Do you still have the Engine database that is like that? I’d like to take a look and see why it does that.

As for problem 1, I’m not able to reproduce that here, are there any specific steps you are taking to get this problem? When I do a full sync I don’t see this problem, maybe it is related to a playlist sync?

pretending Lexicon working without any little issue like that with 4 or 5 software
i think is impossible…
But my engine DB was almost broken, not working with Engine 2.0 and now after some Lexicon cleaning is working again …so i am happy with that

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Hi @christiaan
which file you need from my library?

Let s say that my library structure has a big directory every year and many playlist inside the year directory (this is a easy explanation…just to make you understand the issue)
Overall more than 20 big directory
I had a problem with 3 big directory and 2 sub directory containing other directory

Okay, I think I understand. Is your Engine library fixed now or still has the playlists wrong? If they are wrong, can you send me the Documents/Engine Library/Database2/m.db file?
You can upload here:

And can you add a screenshot here where it clearly shows the problem? For me reference so I can find it here quickly


i renamed with x directory causing issues
(there was some more inside first directory “PLAYLISTE”)
house 919_19x
these were the directory which wasn t possible see from the main directory songs inside

i uploaded my db file

I don’t see the problem with any of the playlists right now, is that correct? Or am I missing something?

All of your playlist folders seem to contain the tracks of all sub-playlists

yes because the playlist you see are the one i recreated after having the issue …
------“I created in Engine “House 2019x” then i drag one by one all playlist that were in “House 2019” in “House 2019X”. Then when “House 2019” is empty, you can cancel it.”…
So maybe you need the Lexicon library that if you sync it to engine then you have problem…

Yeah we can try that. Can you upload it? You can upload directly to me from the Help menu in Lexicon. Upload logs & database button.

i just uploaded LOG & DATABASE

Got it, thanks.

I did a sync to Engine and this is what I’m seeing:

Is that what you’re seeing too?

when i hilighted directory 600_14_16_17 as you did, i can’t see any song…but opening sub directories everything was ok …so no red songs…just black screen as if the directory was empty

Alright then I think Engine is also looking at a different Engine Library folder on your computer. Is there another at the top folder of any your drives? Engine combines the folders so that makes it complex.
If so, can you zip and upload that too?

C:\Users\villa\Music\Engine Library
this is my path
what file i have to send you? my Engine Library

Yes that is the “main” Engine library folder. But if you have any other drives (like D:\ or something) then there can also be a folder at D:\Engine Library, can you check all your drives?

I have only one drive
all my library is in my laptop
i just uploaded my library